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So I am looking at building a small cracking rig.  Does any one have an existing one that is willing to share specs?

I currently have access to 2 nvidia 1050s,m have never build a rig before.


note power is not an issue, but i am looking at the nvidia gtx1000 series cards may purchase more via  eBay.


also this is a hobby rig no need for extremes. 

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Try to stay with Nvidia cards as they are well documented for use.

CPU does not have to be a monster since you are using GPU power.  i3 or old i5 would be plenty but could even get away with less.  Your going to need PCI slots, a lot if you plan to grow the rig, for GPU hookups. 

Another route that might be good is look for someone on eBay selling off GPU mining rigs.  You could probably work your way into a good 6 or 8 GPU rig for a good price with current mining environment.

Keep the PSU wattage in mind as well.  Again depending on how much you grow the rig a 600-800w PSU will not cover it several modern GPUs 

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