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  1. Thanks alot mate! Very helpfull..some of what you mentioned i also got but not mentionen..like juice, wifi analyzer.. For the other tools..i will def test them out. Esp bluetooth stuff, dont have anything in that direction yet, but interessted whats posiible and what not. And yeh..i dont mean pen testing only..general tools that are of use for people "like us" Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys..im wondering what tools you got on andoid for pentesting purposes? I only got a gaming laptop, and no way in hell i take it outside just4fun. So for doing one of my hobbys outside im limited to a galaxy tab A 10.1 (2019) and a Redmi Note 8T as phone. (i also got the option of rapberry 3-4, but thats another story.) So im looking for tools you guys can reccomend for mobile pen-testing. Currently i just got termux, PyDroid 3 for python coding, User.Land with a kali distro (very powerhungry it seems and of course very limited in funktion..how much limited im not sure), Icode-go (php/html editor with inbuild Apache/sql server), WiggleWifi (wireless network mapper) and of course a ssh(redundant, i know)/vnc client, Dcoder for general coding, turbo editor als txteditor...what am i missing? And what do you guys do with your mobile devices? (Exept using the pineapple or controlling your rasperry) The devices are not rooted and as long as they have still warrenty i would like to keep it that way..but i have dozens of less powerfull rooted devices if its really really needed. So im looking for both, but mostly unrooted software first. Thanks for any help 😃
  3. Yep..i made a slack "account"..as for the firmware, i tried 5.9 Valentine now, No problem with repeating chars anymore, since the same script wont work at all..i noticed the cable seem to type faster now, but something might be wrong with DELAY or so..since it only manages to open notepad, but doesnt type in it (payload already done?)..no matter if i run the script from pc or mobile. And it stops the AP (thats mentioned somewhere)..so the 5.9 is useless for me. I went back to 1.4. Its annoying to always replug the cable for every test. Also keyboard layout is not yet implemented, but worked on. As im here now i ask here...what id the demonseed capable of? I bought it with the cable, just for soldering practice and the lulz, not knowing what the cable itself can do in the end...
  4. I have a little problem and a question. Question first...where should i save the payload? In one of the slots or the boot slot? I used the slot 1 first (Its says switch with the "Load Madul" [guess it means module])..nothing happens. Am I missing something? And what is that "load madel"?) But nothing happened when i replugged the cable. I then load the payload again, to see if it was saved..it was. ...so i guess it means i should put it in the boot slot (and then call other scripts in the slots if needed)? And How do i program the cable, without using the payload on myself (in case of a descructive payload) Or do i miss something, like setting a trigger? How do i start the payload? The problem i got i similar to OP..when i test run the payload from the interface, i get different outcomes each time. My simple test code was just GUI R DELAY 1 STRING notepad.exe ENTER DELAY 2 STRING Hello KeYboardZ (testing keyboard layout) That simple code gives me weird results sometimes..like it opens the comand promp and types otepaeeeeeeeeee.exe (that extra eeeeee happend quite often), no matter the delay time, it prints just half the text. The ipconfig payload from OP doest work at all..always with a different outcome..often the file it should save to is a weird mix of letters/symbols, not the given path (i tested with D:/Calbeloot.txt) Any ideas..or at least what i do wrong with setting up a payload..its saved to slot 1, but nothing happens, and i dont want to touch the boot slot unless im 100% positive that i have to. And a firmware question..whats up with that 5.9 valentines firmware? Is that a April fools..or legit? I flashed to 1.4 to be save. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi..i got my 2nd owl..i did manage to brick the first one. With the new one, i followed instructions again and now im here: When i plug the owl in..one slingle blink..then a few seconds nothing...then rapid blink like selection mode (the usb drive blinks with it) but the rapid is less then 3 secs..then kinda fast blink (like booting) ending in a solid for a few few feconds...2-3 blinks and then slow blink error because no payload When i press the button then, it switches to the double blinking Arming mode and i can see the wifi spot and i can ssh to it. I wanted to check the version and have read that there should be a version file in / , but i cant find a version file to cat. Am i updated now or not? And why isnt it rapid blinking for 3 seconds? Please help me fast..as i want to keep on playing with it, but i first need a confirmation at what state i am atm. I did not put any payloads yet..nothing but the update file. And it seems to have been deleted after the upgrade from the usb drive How can i check now..please help..i dont want to brick it again on day 1 Thanks for any help.
  6. Yep..just like tv in. I had that nom my graphicscard
  7. Description: Kali GNU/Linux Rolling Release: 2020.1 Codename: kali-rolling
  8. ..or how to disable the sleep mode..do it doesnt logoff to the loginscreen. I want to start the Raspi once..login, and stay logged in, untill i manually logout/poweroff, if the gui logs off..i cant login, while not home =D..just shh works then..not vnc
  9. Hi there I would like to disable the login screen when i boot up my raspi, and directly login as root. That raspi is a turn on / off device, wich only i use, and no sesitive data is saved there. So i dont need the login screen..it should boot up as root to the desktop. Im blindly using the raspi outside..no problem to start a ssh session without login..but to start the x11vnc, user/ root must be logged in. I can blindly login with my remote keyboard, but i want to disable that, just for QoL reasons..its a test device..so i dont care about the login. Any help?
  10. Sizzlik

    Mr robot game

    In my opinion, yes..its a solid game engine that comes with a mission editor..so you can make/load missions yourself. Its a bit futuristic like how the 90's imagines hacking..but in general a good game..much terminal work (wich you basically dont need to navigate, except someone shoots down your dektop and youre just with a terminal left) But in generall..i would say its an OK buy..because of the modability of the complete game..so its still useable after you finished every basic mission. Even more fun is to have a friend wth the game aswell..to create challenges or funny missions for each other..be crative and you got lots of fun
  11. Sizzlik

    Mr robot game

    I dont know how a Mr. Robot game would look like..but in 3rd person..watchdogs 2? (and i hope you dont mean to make a game adaptation of the series..thats dangerous. Its good that the adaptation from a book to a series went well, but series to game dosnt go well that much [except icons like star wars, Spiderman, Batman etc]. Mr. Robot game would be cheaply made merch i bet..not worth to wait for disappointment.) anyways.. Best online MMO hacker game is by FAR Grey Hack on steam. Trust me..i played every hackergame there is .. Dark Signs (want the source code..got it from terminalzero,the dev..a massive spaghetti code in visual basic)...Uplink (want the source code..i got the developer files), hacknet, hackmud, and all the wanna be clones of hacker (revolution/evolution xxx) name the game and i probably played it. Grey Hack got a special place in my heart..its an indi game..one SUPER ACTIVE developer. He created a little internet with the whole IP range of npc and player computers..you can rent servers ingame, install server software like a http server or chat or just ssh for a botnet. It has an inbiuld script editor to code your own exploits. (means you have you scan libs for vulnerabilitys and use them..all in a desktop enviroment, using a terminal, browser etc. Its still in beta..but it feels almost complete..and if you are in the nightly build beta, you get updates as it says..almost every night..you can give input to the dev..and its been worked on. If you want a Hacker Game..go Grey Hack. On a side note Nite Team 4 on steam is also worth a shot..its more flashy movie hacking..but the whole game is based on the real OS and the real tools NSA uses (the tools we know about like xkeyscore, hydra, and of course stattelite connections. So you kinda play an NSA agent..very well made game. Cool feature in that is, after you finished academy and the solo campaign, it gets updates with "reallife" missions. means you get together with a team if you like and do missions that reqiure to leave the game and do real internet searches..they even put up game servers online, so you KINDA hack servers in the real world..or just do your recon with reallife OSINT Very clever game..so if you want hacker feeling..go Grey hack..and look at nite team 4 for some more cinematic (but close to real) hacking game.
  12. Hi guy..hope you can help me. Im looking for something like an usb adapter for hdmi INPUT..i would like to connect my raspi to my laptop over hdmi to use my laptop sceen as monitor. Everything i searched for on amazon surely only brings me results for hdmi out to mirror the laptop screen..but i need it vice versa. I remember back in the days my graphic cards had something like "TV IN"..so im sure there must be a usb hdmi sollution nowadays...but i cant seem to find it. And please dont day to use VNC..i need a hardware sollution to get the raspi video output on my laptop screen. And please no links to high end capture equiptment..just a simple video-in stick/box Hope someone can provide an amazon link or a search term..i looked for everything including the words usb hdmi input,
  13. Sizzlik

    Hak5 Gear

    Hi people I really hope someone from the staff reads this I was wondering if there is any way to buy the Hak5 pouches..like the one you get with the signal owl cobo pack or the field kits. Just the wraps or puches or whatever the english name for it is. I want the big black bag on this picture soo badly. or the slightly smaller one next to it.
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