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Computer problem....need help


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I have issues with a media server installed in a desktop tower. It's a socket 775 machine running a 631 Cedar Hills 3.0 Ghz processor. There is 1 Gb or ram installed on an ASUS P5ND2-SLI motherboard. There are 3, 320 Gb SATA II drives configured in Raid 1. My problem involves my computer randomly shutting down. The computer runs the POST and i get 1 beep for Ok, then suddenly it shuts down. When I set the computer on its side it would boot into Windows MCE, and as soon as I tilted it, instant shutdown. I switched out the power supply and I received the same results. I unplugged all the hardware: hard drives, optical drives, leaving just the processor, motherboard, and ram. The computer will still pass the POST then shut off. Am I a victim of a faulty motherboard or is my processor a likely villain.

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if its a custom pc

1. unplug the power

2. open up your case

3. unplug everything and resetup all the wires

4. put it all back together

5. plug it back in

6. boot up and see if it works

And if you bought it from some retailer like Dell or Compaq


A. call them and ask for assistace

B. send it back to them and ask them to fix it

and if neither of those solutions work you are SOL

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if its starting then clocking off, then by moving the case around, it slightly fixes the problem.

Ill be thinking its ur CPU cooling, simply the Asus P5ND2 board uses a safe shut down to stop damage to the CPU when OC'ing, run the PC, enter bios and check ur CPU core temp asap, if u cant, rip off the CPU fan, and re-do it.

Try checking thr Core temp again, what u wanna see is somethink under 60o if the PC has been off for a while and just turned on.

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Ya I thought it was my CPU cooler. I unplugged it because the seating was loose, reseated it but it still did the same thing. I also unplugged everything from my case and still nothing. I ordered a new motherboard so hopefully this issue will be resolved. Thanks for all of the help.

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hopefully the new mobo does work for you, but ive always had good luck with ASUS. did you mount the motherboard properly?(not trying to insult your intelligence) could be grounding out, my brothers computer kept doing the same thing yours was..the ground is the case was s*it

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