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PineAP 2.6.2


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Yes, many issues after a bloatware / boil-the-ocean firmware update that fixed a bunch of stuff and ruined many other things. My Tetra and nano are just technical curiosities with pokey antennas gathering dust.

Regression testing 2.6.2 would have revealed the issues. The "super excited" should have perhaps stepped into the toes of those who use the kit in real-world assignments. "Super concerned" might have been a better state of mind before releasing the back breaking denial of use firmware.

believe me, I am a fan of the tech from Hak 5 but I think the QA and exit criteria for firmware release seems to have been severely absent.

Options to fix your issue? The usual factory reset and load up a previous firmware release that was not so 'back breaking' 😏

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I also had a problem with PineAP's captured SSID pool becoming corrupt and not adding new SSIDs even after purging the list and starting over.  I downgraded to 2.5.4 and haven't been able to recreate the problem.


UPDATE Jan 2, 2020

Nevermind.  Found that the SSID pool in 2.5.4 also became corrupt with bad SSID names.  The log also suffers.  When a SSID name creates bad characters, both the Logs and SSID Pool fail to load.  However you can download to see the garbage that got mixed in.  Think it craps out on commas and such.  Guessing some SSID devices are more lenient on naming conventions than others.  Wish Hak5 could create a sanitation filter to prevent those problematic AP names from corrupting the system logs and SSID pool.

I also found that 2.5.4 sometimes slowed to a crawl forcing a non-gentle reboot to get it to respond.  Wondering if that could be related to the corruption or just because I leave PineAP running 24/7

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Update - found new stuff
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