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  1. OK, I just discovered how to run all the module APIs from this command as well. Postman was a big help.
  2. On the Hak5 web page that shows API authentication, it gives an example of : { "system": "notifications", "action": "addNotification", "message": "Hello World!", "apiToken": "7365626b696e6e652063616e7420636f6465202724ef6b5d7ac0b800cc83d474e8e007" } What other options are there for system and action? I'm authenticating OK with a status of 200. I'm trying to access a GUI module that I wrote so I was wondering if there were other options here that I might need to load that module page? Also is "System" the same as "module" and I assume "action" is the same as action in the modul
  3. Yes, I've had this same problem with vs 5.x and 6.x. How did you resolve? My fix was to not add SSIDs to pool. What did you do?
  4. Is anyone else having problems with the PineAP SSID Pool? I tried to manually add an AP and it either gave me an error: "Must be between 1 and 32 characters" (or something similar), or it said added successfully but the SSID Pool list stayed blank. Then the unit rebooted. Turned on Add SSID to Pool option and that triggered a series of successive reboots. Has anyone else seen this with the recent patch? I configured everything else and the reboot only triggered with this issue. This regards upgrading from 2.6.x to version 2.7.0 on the Pineapple Tetra. Any suggestions?
  5. In the Tetra, there are two radios, with two antennae per radio. Do they both transmit/receive, or does one transmit and the other receive per radio? Also are the pairs front (left/right), back (left/right) or left (front/back) and right (front/back)? I was wondering, if I put directional antennas on one radio, do they have to point in the same direction to both TX and RX the same areas?
  6. I want to collect data from a street that does a 90 deg turn. I want to place the pineapple tetra at the corner and direct an antenna down each street, but I don't want to collect data from the houses off the street. So, I was thinking of replacing the omni antenna with panel antennas so I can get a long range but narrow width signal in two directions. Can I focus one panel down one street, and the other panel aimed at the other street? Or do both panels need to aim in the same direction? From this forum, I've learned that the antennas on the right side of the Tetra are the ones used
  7. I've noticed a few corrupt SSID names sneaking into my PineAP SSID Pool causing my SSID Pool to not load in the web GUI PineAP page, and in the Logs page the PineAP log is blank. Once I remove the bad characters the SSID pool reloads. Looks like it's finding a weirdly named SSID name and incorrectly displaying the ASCII symbols. Actually it dumps a lot of ASCII characters in the name. This causes the list to fail. Has anyone else run across this? This happened in vs 5.x and 6.x of firmware. Anyone have a validation script? Forgot to mention, I have a Tetra running latest 6.x f
  8. Does the Pineapple heavily tax a phone's WiFi beyond normal activity thereby shortening battery life or performing something like a DoS for that device by having it associate with a lot of dead end access points? In other words, do temporary associations with fake SSIDs cause the WiFi to look harder for known networks than it normally would? Would it be excessive enough to noticeably deplete the battery of the associating device faster? Would it make the phone give up and not associate with a SSID normally in range that it would have associated with had the Pineapple not been there, creating
  9. Initially, I had the same problem on my Mac. It was an issue with my USB connection config on the Mac end. Had to delete the USB connector on the Mac, hook up the pineapple and let the mac see it and configure it automatically as a new connection. Using the default USB connector that existed in the Mac OSX config didn't work correctly with the pineapple. Once reconfigured, you should not have a problem again.
  10. I also had a problem with PineAP's captured SSID pool becoming corrupt and not adding new SSIDs even after purging the list and starting over. I downgraded to 2.5.4 and haven't been able to recreate the problem. UPDATE Jan 2, 2020 Nevermind. Found that the SSID pool in 2.5.4 also became corrupt with bad SSID names. The log also suffers. When a SSID name creates bad characters, both the Logs and SSID Pool fail to load. However you can download to see the garbage that got mixed in. Think it craps out on commas and such. Guessing some SSID devices are more lenient on namin
  11. I too had some issues related to PineAP that required downgrading to vs 2.5.4. I found this method to be the easiest method, especially if the Pineapple's default IP address is not available on your network. https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360025819673-Manual-Firmware-Installation When I first bought my pineapple, I updated it to the newest (2.6.x) and had all sorts of issues and it locking up, and corrupted data being written to PineAP's captured SSID list. Downgrading to 2.5.4 solved those problems. A few months later, after all the modules were updated, I tried to update th
  12. I'm also having the same issue. I would also like to have the Pineapple use the DHCP provided DNS server too. That would help with portability and connecting it to new networks.
  13. Why not attach a magnet to it and place it UNDER the table with the antennas laying parallel to the box. Starbucks has metal tables so it would attach nicely underneath and with the antennas flat against the table, it's low profile. Or better yet, since it's connected to your notebook, put a big sticker on it that reads "WIFI Hotspot Booster". Heck, you might even get people WANTING to connect to it.
  14. OK, I've made some progress. In my previous post, I forgot to mention that I was running the latest version of the firmware (2.6.1). Once I did a firmware recovery and went back to vs 2.4.1 things started working. I was able to send emails, but it still squawks about not having an SD card. I'm still having trouble getting reports to generate in /root. They do come to me by email though. But when I check the save copy in /root option, and SSH into root, the reports aren't there. Is there another root directory it could be storing these? Can it both send by mail and store or one or t
  15. Is this a site you host in-house or on a hosting service somewhere? If it's in-house, I'd upgrade to a better firewall that handles this sort of thing and other types of attacks. There are many out there at various price points that handle intrusion protection. If its a hosting service, then the DOS should be affecting more than your site if those server resources are shared. I'd either get them involved to find out where the DDoS is coming from and block it, or find another hosting provider. To answer your question specifically, I'd go with an all-in-one firewall appliance that physi
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