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Sharing a cable internet connection


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Hi everyone

I have XP Pro and my internet connection is ADSL. I'm comfortable setting everything up to allow several PCs to share the connection and to allow file sharing.

A friend has cable internet connection into a modem and would like to allow several laptops to have internet access (similar to what I can set up). He's asked me for help and I've been doing some investigating. I've read about ICS but wouldn't that mean having the "sharing" laptop turned on at the same time as any others? If there are three laptops in addition to the "sharing" laptop, he'd like to allow one or more of the other laptops to have simultaneous access without having the "sharing" laptop turned on.

What's the best way to do what he wants? Could we simply take an ethernet cable from the modem to the front of a router (could I use my ADSL router?) or a switch and then cable any other laptops into the front of the router or switch?

Thanks for your time.

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get freeproxy from hand crafted software and configre it just make sure you have a network in place and as a positive it's more flexable that windows crappy internet sharing and you have the ability to passowrd protect the proxy which is a positive if you are running a wifi network and if it get's owned it's hard for theme to leach the net as you can set no standard ports for the proxy and again passowrd protection.

for the cons you will need to dedicate a comp for it

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Just buy a cheap ADSL 4-port router.


Perfect - thank you.

I presume that I'd connect the modem output via an ethernet cable to one of the four ports on the front of the router and then still have three ports on the router into which I could wire up to three laptops? I wasn't sure if an ADSL router would work as the internet connection is cable, rather than ADSL.

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Usually they have an ADSL modem built in, but if you already have a stand alone Ethernet ADSL modem you will be able to us any router with an Ethernet WAN port. The 4 port routers usually have 1 Ethernet WAN port (for your cable/adsl modem) and 4 LAN ports. You should be able to pick either up for under £20 or local equivalent if you go for the Asian white label products. This will allow you to hook in 4 seperate laptops via Ethernet, or wireless if you pay more. You can also hook in switches, and keep adding computers until the routers CPU cannot no longer cope.

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