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Enzo Gorlami

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12 hours ago, korang said:

It would depends on the size requirements of the ISO.  The BashBunny only has so much memory.  I am also unsure if all the packages you need to load an ISO are pre-installed or not.

how much memory does it have and what linux distro do you think would work with it?

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it only really has about 1-1.5gb after all the payloads you store on it.  if your looking for a linux distro to store on the BB, then you will not have room for anything else.  anything light like xfce

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You mean PXE boot? I've been meaning to give this a shot since we released the Bash Bunny. I don't see why not, but the computer would need to recognize the ECM or RNDIS Ethernet adapter. IIRC you just need a DHCP server (which the BB has), a TFTP server (which you can install) and a boot image (which should fit since you have a little over 2 GB free on the root FS, and 2 GB free on the USB mass storage partition).

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