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Well, If you want to watch tv on your computer, one of the best ways would to be get a tv tuner card or a tv capture card (same thing). But if you computer already has on, you just usaully need to plug the cable line into the card.

(If I'am wrong, please correct me)

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It depends on how your cable provider feeds G4 to you, though.

For me, G4 is channel 219 and is part of the digital cable package. I have a ATI AIW card and can't get it ,without going through the provided cable box.

Without the cable box connected, I can get all analog channels. The same as any cable ready TV actually.

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You'll need an IR blaster on your digital cable tuner that will allow your computer to change its channel. Depending on the setup this may be either tricky or near impossible.

Oh, and just a heads up G4 podcasts just about everything. You can find em on itunes. Mostly clips from X-Play and Attack of the something or another who cares anymore.

(PS: For the record I fully support KevinP, it's just a shame he's stuck with a sinking ship)

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G4 has some good shows but they are killing it.

I dont know what G4 you have!

I loved my G4TechTv back in the day. But now its just bad car dramas, x-play, CHEATERS! WHAT THE HELL! WHY IS CHEATERS ON G4! And a few other bad shows. (sometimes I do whach x-play, but the rest suck, that kinda sucks too)

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thankfully we've still got G4TechTV up in Canada and licensed to Foxtel for the How-To network in Australia. And with Call for Help moving from the Omni studio in Toronto to the Greedy studio in Vancouver I believe this gives them a fighting chance of getting on in the US market again.

It's just a shame it'll be so far away from us, we really enjoyed driving up to Toronto to do Call for Help.

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