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Encrypting file ---> python

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I wanted to know if there is someway to Encrypt a file (python file) with from ex: AES and make the file run within encryption...

for example: 

Making a calculator encrypt it  when you open Idle,Pycharm  the output is strange symbols and characters ... 

and that's how no one can see your code and only u can decrypt it if u remember the parameters...

is that possible???


thankx anyway

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Okay, I will bite.  Yes you can.  Powersploit has a module to do it for Powershell as well.

For python, there is  cool function called exec() that will run a string as python code.  Of course it has to be valid python code.  Similar to the "invoke-expression" for Powershell.

So, what works in Posh, works in Pyth.  You can encrypt your code with a key and convert it to base 64 string.  That string will be what you put in a new python function as an assignment to a variable..hard coded assignment.  Now, your new function takes the key as an input parameter and when ran the reverse happens.  Your code is unbase64, decrypted with key back to a string and then ran with exec(). 


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Thank u i was woundering why some files ive been looking up look like


gibrish when i try to edit them. You answered the question.

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