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  1. I made a little script with python 2.7 that receive connections from clients and i found a way finaly to encrypt everything with AES-256 bit.. ( the scripts should work as usual ) The encrypted file worked well in idle/pycharm but when i tried to convert it to exe with pyinstaller i got an error relates to ntpath.py Object type NoneType has no len().. And it refused to create the file i tried many version of pyinstaller is there anything else i need to install(c++ compiler / pywin32 ..) pyinstaller works i tried to convert something that does not have crypto inside and it worked i think its about the cryptography that refused to make it executable Any help?
  2. I wanted to know if there is someway to Encrypt a file (python file) with from ex: AES and make the file run within encryption... for example: Making a calculator encrypt it when you open Idle,Pycharm the output is strange symbols and characters ... and that's how no one can see your code and only u can decrypt it if u remember the parameters... is that possible??? thankx anyway
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