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Australia passes new law to thwart strong encryption


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17 hours ago, wildposer said:

Encryption doesn't matter if it's in web.

Everything in web can be hacked.

no doubt but do you understand the ramifications of this law in Australia being part of the five eyes and all, and i do know if they want your data they already can get it, or are people like EFF just wasting their breath.

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I was upset by this at first but after I thought about it and did a bit of research the new laws won't have as large of an impact as most people think.

Firstly, the laws are very vague and were rushed through parliament without much thought on how they will be implemented. It's all well and good to say the Australian government has these new powers but if a manufacturer or software developer resides in another country where Australian laws do not apply then how can the Australian government enforce its policy?

Secondly, a lot of software developers co-operate with government agencies anyway and provide private keys on demand e.g. Skype, Facebook, (and I'm sure many others that haven't admitted it yet). If people are relying on large corporations to secure their privacy or believe that they have the individual's best interests at heart then we have bigger problems then these new laws.

Thirdly, you can't create backdoors in existing and proven encryption algorithms just because the law says that we need to.  The only thing you can do is ask developers and manufacturers to create backdoors in their platforms  and handover user keys but this has its limitations (refer point 1).

The only real way to defeat encryption in my opinion is for manufacturers to create backdoors into devices like laptops, phones, etc and provide access to governments on demand. By access I mean the ability to capture key strokes and screen content so it wouldn't matter what encryption algo you are using because they would see it all in plain text as you type it. Will it get to that? Maybe who knows but hopefully we will be a step ahead 😉

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