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PMKID Attack


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35 minutes ago, bmw222000 said:

Where am I going wrong I've installed git and I'm trying to clone the link to the nano but I'm just getting errors?

you probably need git-http instead of just git.

Also you will need to crate a PMKID folder in the /pineapple/modules/ directory with the contents of the git. It should then appear on the Pineapple UI after a refresh.

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1 minute ago, bmw222000 said:

I thought by putting /sd/modules/PMKID at the end would create the file for me? 

oh i forgot nano... no it wont make the link for you, at least IIRC.

You will also use symlinks to link the /sd/modules/PMKID directory to the /pineapple/modules/ directory.

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On 12/28/2018 at 5:35 PM, MelroyB said:

Started with a new module for PMKID Attacks. It's not fully tested but it works on my tetra.

more info over PMKID: https://hashcat.net/forum/thread-7717.html

Download from https://github.com/MelroyB/PMKIDAttack




thers a git-http? sweet thats probably the step ive been missing because i get an http error using git to. been driving me nuts. right on for the info



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