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Whats a good stable firmware version?


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Hello, I have had the tetra since 2016. I have moved around a few times and finally settled in and upgraded my Tetra 2.4.1 also tested 2.4.2 none of them seem to work correctly.  So my question does anybody know of a good stable version? I can't seem to get my Recon to scan for SSID's, even after I enable PineAP. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. 

Tetra issues #1.png

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Was this a first boot after a factory reset by any chance? I see that the command used to conduct a site survey failed. What happens when you execute the following commands:

/etc/init.d/pineapd start

/usr/bin/pineap /tmp/pineap.conf run_scan 15 2

chmod a+x /pineapple/modules/Help/files/dumpscan.php

/pineapple/modules/Help/files/dumpscan.php 0


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Hey On a side note I notice that my Tetra normally doesn't have a red light one, and when I moved it to check on it the light came on and I was able to see Wlan1mon see picture attached.  BUT when looking at the command line I notice this following error (see picture chip failure). After a reboot, everything went down back to no red light and nothing working. 


Chip Failure.png

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