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AHHHH! WTF? Award BIOS LOCKOUT!! on new found comp!


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ok, yay isnt this just fun???? I got a comp from a family member today and since its better than my 233mhz(P3 450 mhz, much more featured MBoard) i want to use it. BUT! in order for smoothwall to work properly, it needs to be re installed on this new HDD, yet, the BIOS is locked out with a password! what do i do? plug in my windows disk and download a BIOS flash program from Award's website? or is there a way of recovering the password and/ or removing it so i can access the BIOS? Please help! Im comfterable working with the BIOS but I havent encountered this situation b4, so i have no clue what to do.

P.S. It was previously a french school computer and it has an Award Bios chip in it.

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Take out the battery from the mother board(Remember to ground yourself first) for a little bit, put back in. See if that works.

it can take upto 24h's depending on the Mother Board, unless u short the board to drain power (never recomended).

Other than that, old Award set-ups use to have master passwords so since actualy reading the tos, i really shouldnt post a direct link, but umm try this good search: "<bios name> bios master passwords" ie "award bios master passwords" normaly the first found entie is rather good *cough*.

hope this helps.

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