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Computer "hacker" license?


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Any body hear of a so-called computer hacker license. I know locksmiths need one why not hackers? In my country a provincial org. called Justice Institute of XX would look after it . But I look at licenses area on website nothing. Alarm system installer closest thing. Maybe more work by us so called hackers is need?

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You might do searches to find out if "wireless locksmiths" can get certified or licensed. For example, for people with cars who somehow get locked out of their vehicles, and need the help of a "wireless locksmith."  I would be careful though; make sure it can even be done legitimately. If it's known that you have the skill, you can become a suspect in break-ins.

"Alarm system installer" -- that looks interesting -- i'll have to check to see what legal requirements are for that. What is likely is that you would need to put up a lot of cash for insurance or for a 'bond' but i don't know.

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