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    Wifi tethering question

    Just_a_User, thanks for reply... Your last comments caused me to look at Filters. When i set the Filters to Deny Mode, then i was able to get my android phone to connect to the Open AP named xxxx-wifi. Yay! On the phone i think i was able to see that the Nano was the only current internet access, then i used Termux to ping so i guess it's working. I see from some threads that i could be noisy and unintentionally messing with my neighbors' wifi with the Deny Mode, so i did 'halt' and shut down for the day. One little step at a time i guess. Later tonight or tomorrow i will have to read up on the use of filters.
  2. orrin

    Wifi tethering question

    Just_a_User, thanks for reply... I'm able to do 'management' both with the 172 addr and the 192 addr. OK. My problem now is this: I have the "Open AP" name set to (let's call it) xxxx-wifi. On my android phone, in the wifi i can see xxxx-wifi, but when i try to connect to it i get, after a few seconds, "authentication error." (I'm trying to behave like a client who sees xxxx-wifi and wants to check it out.) On the right side of the management page on the Nano, under "Wi Fi Client Mode," i have Interface set to wlan2 (my new wifi dongle). I'm connected to my ISP router that way. On the left side of the mgmt page, under "Access Points," i have the Management SSID set to a name, a password for it, but for this test i checked both boxes -- Hide Mgmt AP, and Disable Mgmt AP. Below that, i set a name for the Open SSID (xxxx-wifi) and i uncheck 'Hide Open SSID.' So then on my phone, i see xxxx-wifi but when i try to connect i get 'authentication error.' (Also, i still see my mgmt AP on my phone, even tho i thought i disabled it for the moment.) I'm doing google searches on this but so far i'm stuck. Thanks for any comments.
  3. orrin

    Wifi tethering question

    Thanks to a Hak5 forum person's comments, i ordered the Ralink RT5370 wifi dongle, and it worked right away. But for management, i have to go to not the address. So i am going thru my home ISP-type router. Do i have something set up wrong? When i use the usb cable, i *do* use the 172 address. Three dongles i had for my RPi3's did not work at all, but the Ralink did.
  4. I found the Nano section, so am asking questions over there now. Thanks/merci/obrigado. I found the following in one of these forums: wlan0 "is for running the OpenAP and the Management AP" wlan1 is usually "in Monitor mode in conjunction with PineAP, Recon, or other modules & tools" which agrees with me using wlan1mon for airodump-ng. O.
  5. Received my Nano yesterday, am busy discovering how to use it. Today, after connecting to it via wifi (with the antennas on it), for some reason i had the antennas off, and then plugged it into my laptop via the USB and was doing some learning... with no antennas for about 10 minutes. I realized after 10 minutes that my phone was picking up the broadcast ID for the management AP, duh! Which means the Nano had been transmitting (what, 10x per second?). So i wonder how much damage that did. I know from amateur radio, can't xmit without an antenna. ... I measured the Nano's signal strength by walking around with my phone and a wiFi signal strength app, and the Nano was putting out maybe 10dBm less than my ISP-router, and i went outside & i still got a signal thru 3 walls 60 ft away. So anyway, thanks for any comments. Harsh comments okay too. --orrin
  6. airmon-ng check kill Killing these processes: 2776 root 2744 S /usr/sbin/wpa_supplicant -B -P /var/run/wpa_supplica 2810 root 1376 S udhcpc -p /var/run/udhcpc-wlan1.pid -s /lib/netifd/d 3105 root 1372 S grep wpa_action\|wpa_supplicant\|wpa_cli\|dhclient\| Then if i try to run: airmon-ng start wlan0 (again), i get the same error (-16 etc.). So then i did the 'kill' again. No when i use the cable to connect (ssh root@ it doesn't use eth1 (i don't think). That 172 address is assigned to an interface called: br-lan. There is no eth1, and there is an eth0 having the same MAC address as br-lan. .... Thanks for responses. O.
  7. Okay i will look for the nano section, sorry, had the device for only one day so far. THEN: i just shut down the Nano, connected it via cable to my laptop, and did: airmon-ng start wlan0 and i got: null 802.11bgn ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) null IEEE ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) null Mode:Master ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) null Tx-Power=17 ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) null dBm ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) phy0 wlan0 ath9k Not pci, usb, or sdio Error setting channel: command failed: Device or resource busy (-16) Error -16 likely means your card was set back to station mode by something. Removing non-monitor wlan0mon interface... WARNING: unable to start monitor mode, please run "airmon-ng check kill" So does that mean i can't put wlan0 into monitor mode even if i ssh via the cable? Thanks. After your next reply i'll find the nano section. Don't know if i can delete this thread.
  8. New nano, having some success, but i get these messages (which say "report this!") when i run airmon-ng: PHY Interface Driver Chipset null 802.11bgn ?????? non-mac80211 device? (report this!) null IEEE ?????? ditto null Mode:Master ?????? ditto null Tx-Power=17 ?????? ditto null dBm ?????? ditto phy0 wlan0 ath9k Not pci, usb, or sdio phy0 wlan0-1 ath9k Not pci, usb, or sdio phy1 wlan1 ath9k_htc Atheros Communications, Inc. AR9271 802.11n When i get the above, i am ssh'ing to the Nano using wifi. Also, if i do: airmon-ng start wlan0 , i get errors (but i suspect it's because i am ssh'ing to the Nano using its wlan0?). If i do: airmon-ng start wlan1, i get the expected output of neighboring APs & clients. ... Thanks for any comments on this. --orrin
  9. CnetExpo, thanks for the reply. That was February 9, and i've learned a bunch since then, and i keep notebooks on it because i won't remember it all! Basically, right now i'm using Pentoo-on-a-stick to control a HackRF. I am not trying to install more programs on the usb stick, the Gentoo/Pentoo commands are not something i want to learn right now. Then: i use Kali and Ubuntu 16 to control the YS1, and other tasks. So i push-push-push on something until i either succeed or give up lol. I have about a 65% success rate. I just hate it when website instructions are outdated or wrong, plus there's my own klutz factor lol. Heureux juillet ami O.
  10. Well no responses to this, from people who may have used it. Here is my update from doing searches. So far i have no solution for the dongle (usb) version of this, but it looks like there are an Arduino (and an R Pi) solutions for using the CC1101 transceiver: CC1101 with a usb connector: https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-433M-CC1101-USB-Wireless-RF-Transceiver-Module-10mW-USB-UART-MAX232-RS232/121543875213?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 An unsuccessful attempt to use it: https://allodox.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/usb-1100pa-433mhz-wireless-rf-transceiver/ with Arduino: https://github.com/veonik/arduino-cc1101 and with no usb connector: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CC1101-315-433-868-915Mhz-Wireless-Module-SMA-Antenna-Transceiver-for-Arduino/272432624852?epid=509065236&hash=item3f6e3ff4d4:g:V00AAOSwXeJYFtlQ More: https://github.com/SpaceTeddy/CC1101 And yet more: https://salmg.net/2017/09/20/cc1101-transceiver-raspberry-pi/ The R Pi solution looks the most attractive to me, since i have a spare one, and i don't have an Arduino .
  11. orrin

    Computer "hacker" license?

    You might do searches to find out if "wireless locksmiths" can get certified or licensed. For example, for people with cars who somehow get locked out of their vehicles, and need the help of a "wireless locksmith." I would be careful though; make sure it can even be done legitimately. If it's known that you have the skill, you can become a suspect in break-ins. "Alarm system installer" -- that looks interesting -- i'll have to check to see what legal requirements are for that. What is likely is that you would need to put up a lot of cash for insurance or for a 'bond' but i don't know.
  12. Here is the guy who was trying to research this in 2013: https://allodox.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/usb-1100pa-433mhz-wireless-rf-transceiver/ He tried to install the driver for his Ubuntu machine, but got errors, as he states in his blog. And then he links to this site, in Chinese, but can be run thru a translator: http://www.fytoo.com/msg.php?id=158 So I am wondering if anyone has successfully used this device. For example, for 2-way chat, it's very inexpensive compared to a YS1. ... Thank you.
  13. Hello folks, has anyone gotten two of these to work as, perhaps, a chatroom (like the YS1 with ToorChat)? https://www.ebay.com/itm/433Mhz-CC1101-10mW-MAX232-RS232-USB-UART-RF-Transceiver-Wireless/142344922555?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649 One blog post i looked at, which i can't find now & was undated, said he could find no documentation on how to use this. I would like to use it as a chat transceiver, controlled by python scripts. Also found this: https://github.com/veonik/arduino-cc1101 but i am not knowledgeable enough to figure out if the USB CC1101 goes with an Arduino, or if it's necessary to jump into Arduino to do this. I'm hesitating getting into Arduino, and if there's a simple usb dongle that can send & recv text using FSK with Python scripts, i'm in favor of that. ... There are CC1101 available that are not USB. Thanks for any comments . --orrin
  14. Yes, i have a couple rtl-sdr dongles, they are great. But they are receive-only. I'm into amateur radio, so i think "transceiver."
  15. Just now on eBay i didn't see any $155. They mostly hovered around $200. China and Malaysia. Some with opaque cases, but with different printing on the case (different from the U.S. sellers).