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  1. This worked great on my Ubuntu 18.04. For putting the 036ACH card into monitor mode, it *was* necessary to use: ifconfig wlan1 down (actually wlx00c0caa51645 instead of wlan1) iwconfig wlan1 mode monitor ifconfig wlan1 up Now to see if these instructions are compatible with the other laptop running Parrot Home on a "Dell Inspiron 11 3000."
  2. My Nano behaves this way also. Sometimes wlan2 connects to my home router, and sometimes it doesn't (and gets a 172-address instead). So for now i've moved on, by just learning other functions of the Pineapple, and not relying on it to connect to my home router.
  3. On 10/16/2018 at 8:32 AM, Foxtrot said: Is the access point you're trying to connect to via wlan2 an open AP? It sounds like you are man in the middling yourself. You should add the MAC of the wlan2 card to the filters "Deny" list. So i did that, and rebooted, and all is fine. But earlier today "all was fine" even before i did this. Wlan2 has been connecting to my home wifi automatically today. So, on to the next challenge, until/if this problem pops up again.
  4. No, the AP i'm trying to connect to via wlan2 is not an open AP. It is my home router, which requires a password. Not an open AP. Today wlan2 *did* automatically connect to my home router & got a 192-address. Twice. So the behavior is not consistent. I'm still baffled. When wlan2 *doesn't* auto connect to my home router, i make it connect by changing its MAC to a random MAC, then hit refresh. Would adding its MAC to the Deny list "do" anything? Could wlan2 be sometimes connecting to the Nano's OpenAP? That would be strange. Is that what people mean by "MITM-myself"? Me
  5. Has anyone gotten a Samsung Chromebook 3, with crouton installing Kali or Ubuntu, to recognize an external wifi adapter? I keep doing searches and come up with posts from 2014 and 2015 saying that the Chromebook is not capable of recognizing external wifi adapters. Specifically I have an Alfa AWUS036NHA i'd like to use. If i can't resolve this by Nov 1 (2018) i'm just going to buy a "traditional" Win10 PC with a non-eMMC spinning 500GB drive. I've had no problem making those dual-boot. There is so much negative information about (1) making machines with eMMC (SSHD) dual boot or booti
  6. So now this is my workaround: (1) I manage the Nano initially via the 172 address, use the USB cable. Most of the time, wlan2 does *not* come up with a 192 address. (2) In Networkiing, i then change the MAC addr of wlan2 to a random MAC. Then hit REFRESH over at "WiFi Client Mode." This pretty consistently makes wlan2 take on a 192 address (from my home router), and this is reflected in the routing table at the top of the Networking screen. But: This still means i have to run the Nano with the USB cable, because i can't rely on wlan2 getting a 192 address initially from my route
  7. Hay muchos ajustes para que los clientes se conecten, y yo no soy el experto, todavia aprendiendo. Pero aqui son unos ajustes: Pagina "Networking": "Access Points": Open SSID: (un nombre que das a tu OpenAP, que los clientes podran ver), Hide Open SSID: no, y entonces clique on "Update Access Points" Pagina "Networking": "WiFi Client Mode": Interface: wlan2 (hay que comprar un dongle USB como el Ralink RT5370), es para que clientes tengan acceso al internet). SSID: el 'router' en tu casa, IP: dado a wlan2 por el router, y clique en 'Refresh.' Pagina "PineAP
  8. Thanks for response! ... The AP i'm trying to connect to via wlan2 is my home router, which is not an open AP. It requires a password. In Networking under "WiFi Client Mode" i scan for APs, see my own (it appears twice but only one of them has the correct MAC, idk why, maybe someone in the neighborhood is faking my SSID?), choose that, enter my router password, try to connect. I think it doesn't connect. All i get for wlan2 is a 172 address. I then added the MAC of the wlan2 device (an Alfa, overkill) to the Deny MAC list of Filters. Reboot. Wlan2 still has a 172 address. I then turned o
  9. Did more testing & trying to write down each step: 1. Had wlan2 working with a 192 address for hours. Then, under WiFi ClientMode, i disconnected. After a minute, on the list appeared wlan2, wlan1mon. 2. I chose wlan2, tried to sign in to my router. Not success, wlan2 is 172. Try again, no success. Tried to update routing table wlan2 No result. 3. Change MAC of wlan2 to random. Try to connect to router. No success. Still 172. Try to update router table to 192. Still 172. 4. Connect to my neighbor's router. (I have permission.) Refresh the entire page
  10. Are you Pineappling yourself? Mr Seb, maybe you can tell me if i'm "Pineappling myself." (reading off the settings right now): (1) Did a recon but it's not running right now. (2) On the Clients tab, no clients listed at the moment. From last night's overnight run, i picked up one client, namely my smartphone. (3) Tracking List: nothing there (4) No Modules running (5) Filters: both set to Deny. I didn't put any MACs in there. (6) PineAP daemon enabled, Allow Associations, Log PineAP events, Client Connect Notifications, Client Disconnect Notifications,
  11. My last reboot, with the Alfa, wlan2 got a 172-address, but i was able to disconnect and then connect to my home router to get a 192-address. One thing i did differently is, when i told the WiFi Client Mode to scan, i chose the *second* instance of my home router's ID in the list. Don't know why it would occur twice. Don't know if this is relevant.
  12. Hi folks, i am wrestling with wlan2 connection problems. Have spent maybe 8 hours on this and i have a tentative solution that works some of the time, but i don't understand what is happening really. (1) I had a little wiFi dongle (Cheng Hongjian, but i can't find the commercial brand name, it was mentioned in a forum here so i ordered one) plugged into the Nano, as wlan2, to provide "client internet access" and for my management. It did seem to be working, and then i didn't use the Nano for a few weeks. This was in "standalone" mode with no USB cables attached to the computer. (1a)
  13. Aethernaut, Sebkinne, Darren & Florida Tech, thanks for all comments. The gist is: success! Details: I got the C2 dashboard running. Generated a device.config file for a Pineapple, and scp'd it over to the Pineapple /etc/ directory, and rebooted it. The Pineapple connected to my home router via wlan2, got an IP address from the router. But the Pineapple wasn't showing up on the C2. Then i did a "remove" a couple times on the Pineapple. No joy. Then i thought, well maybe i need to generate a new device.config file after removing and re-adding the device. That worked fin
  14. Sebkinne, you wrote, in part: It does run like that, okay. But do i understand you correctly that it won't connect to my Pineapple when run like that? If that is the case, could you give me an example of a command-line that *will* allow me to connect to the Pineapple? (C2 for dummies i guess.) Like " -hostname" (if .10 is my ubuntu box) or should it be my network-assigned IP for the Pineapple. ... Thank you.
  15. So, i missed seeing the token on first startup, but (as the suggestion just above yours says) i found "token XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX" at the tail end of the c2.db file. I used that and have gotten thru setup to the point where i see the "Devices - Clients - Landscape" screen. So is that an okay way to retrieve the token? From the tail end of the c2.db file? Or should i delete c2.db and start over? ... thanks
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