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The Bunny Cage


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I present: The Bunny Cage

The Bunny Cage is a CHIP single board computer, with battery, broadcasting its own AP and running Bash Bunny Studio

With this device, you can program your Bash Bunny wirelessly from your phone or tablet, then let it out of the cage when your payload is ready!

STL Files Here:



1.jpg        2.jpg        6.png

This is a really simple project that can be run on any SBC, with wifi and Rails installed.



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  • bg-wa changed the title to The Bunny Cage

It's very cool, but you can use your phone to do the same thing far more easily.

BB -> OTG -> Phone and configure the payload without needing a WiFi connection

Or if you want WiFi..

BB -> OTG -> Phone which broadcasts an AP using the BB's interface and then you can configure BB from a laptop or anything else in range

I've talked about something similar before where you leave the BB in someone's PC and what it does is makes the PC broadcast an SSID of the BB's RNDIS interface, which you can walk away and connect to via your phone and connect to the BB's webserver where you can remotely launch commands, execute multiple payloads and do some probing. This can easily extend to live screenshots, VNC server etc. Basically Metasploit without Metasploit.

But anyway, your idea works and looks pretty nice :)

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