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  1. USB Power Prime To Eliminate Boot Time

    Yep, @Rinilyn. Your post reminded me to go back and look at this. I just though I'd put it in an easier to find location, rather than bury it in your post. In my tests I didn't need to do anything with Cucumber. I would have liked it to auto-detect the OS like you had mentioned (or faster yet, just the TARGET_IP), but trying to set the attackmode to eth, without the bunny plugged in, stalled the script and didn't execute any code following the attackmode. The solution I found, using SWITCH, doesn't automatically continue your script, but toggling the switch is an easy solution at this point. In the future I'd like to figure out a way to automate this. My next attempt will be enabling storage, and trying to detect when the Bunny is mounted, then continue the script... Sounds easy enough right?
  2. I remember this being a topic a while back and I couldn't find a dedicated thread. So, I thought I would share how I was able to eliminate boot time, by priming the Bash Bunny with a USB power supply, then use the new SWITCH extension to instantly execute a payload when I plug-in/toggle switch. This could be super useful if you had to, say, wait 15 seconds for a web-server to boot up on your Bunny... The cable I used is included in the Pineapple Nano: The (Super Simple) Code: https://github.com/bg-wa/bashbunny-payloads/blob/warmup/payloads/library/general/warmup/payload.txt (There is probably a better way to automatically wait for the device to be plugged in, but SWITCH worked for this POC.)
  3. Bash Bunny newbie needing help with tools

    It sounds like you have done a good job troubleshooting so far. A couple things I'd try next would be: Try peppering your payload with the DEBUG command to write some custom logs and see exactly where your script is failing. (https://github.com/hak5/bashbunny-payloads/blob/master/payloads/extensions/debug.sh) Screen/putty into the Bunny and try running the commands you think are failing, manually. This will help you figure out any dependencies you may be missing (https://wiki.bashbunny.com/#!index.md) You can easily install dependencies with a shared internet connection (https://www.hak5.org/gear/bash-bunny/docs) Pick a specific payload, troubleshoot as far as you can with the above methods, then ask a more specific question on the selected payload's official thread (https://forums.hak5.org/forum/93-payloads/)
  4. BashBunnyBurrow (3D Printed Case)

    Splicing the cable would not organize the IO from both devices; I think you would need some sort of USB hub inside the mouse to do this. So, by the time you get a hub (even if you soldered instead of using standard connectors) and the bash bunny (even without a case) plus the original parts, I don't think it would all fit... Ha. Maybe one of these would work? https://www.greatbigstuff.com/products/computer-mouse
  5. This is a dumb POC I threw together that remixes the Original Ducky 3D print (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:752379) to embed a Bash Bunny. ** As noted elsewhere in the forums, putting a Bash Bunny in an enclosure like this can quickly overheat the device. So, maybe don't do this... Get it here: https://github.com/bg-wa/bash-full-bunny The Setup: ME: Hey Janet, I know how much you love decorating for the holidays. So, I printed you this cute little bunny for your desk. His head even lights up as you get pwned. JANET: OMG, its so cute. Can I plz plug it into my computer?
  6. BashBunnyBurrow (3D Printed Case)

    Version 3.0 is here! - Better status light indicator access - Switch access - Ventilation - More Modern Shape Get it here: https://github.com/bg-wa/bash-bunny-burrow Remixed from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2279728
  7. Bash Bunny Casing

    You are correct. The Bunny can get pretty warm under heavy loads. The CPU looks to be rated to 120C (See specs). You should probably use at least ABS if you're printing, and Sugru should be fine, as its rated to 180C (https://sugru.com/faq)
  8. [Payload] Optical Exfiltrator

    + This...
  9. QR Optic Exfiltration Data Reconstructor

    Well done!
  10. Bash Bunny Casing

    but srsly... 3d print or sugru a new one....
  11. Bash Bunny Casing

  12. Payload Competition

  13. [Extension + Payload] The Ol'Drop'n'Run

  14. [Payload] Optical Exfiltrator

    Used with DROP, this could be used to playback gathered information at a later time and recorded with a webcam.