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Bash Bunny Studio


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Here is a little tool I wrote today to manage most bash bunny functions from the web browser.  I was tired of copying files all over the place in a file manager, so this lets me do 90% of my development from one screen. This tool lets you mount/unmount the bunny, clone a BB github repo, one-click copy payloads to either switch, in-browser edit payloads, manage extensions, and view debug logs.

Feel free to fork and add to it!










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Looks great! Have not been able to use it yet but will try it out when I can. One question tho maybe you already have it but I cannot check that, is/can you add a functionality to upload/edit other files than only the payload.txt so you can maybe make/write a java file as well as a payload.txt. Nice work.

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I just put this on a CHIP (w/ battery, hosting an AP), and I can now manage/edit payloads, from my phone over wifi!!

This is cool because I can now use one BB, and load/edit any payload I want, in the field on the fly!  If I want to change the OS, target_dir, or ETH adapter, I don't even need a laptop!  Pretty stoked about this!

@C1PH3R you are correct.  For now, you can only edit the payload.txt on each switch, I'll probably add some recursive editors to each payload tab, but I'll need some logic to determine syntax hilighting for different file types...  I should probably add a tab to access loot data as well... and a BB updater...  Lots of fun stuff ahead, but the core is here.

@Sebkinne Let me know if there are any other features you had in mind for this project.  This is quickly becoming my main development workflow, so I'm sure I'll be adding it quite a bit over the next few weeks.

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7 minutes ago, PoSHMagiC0de said:

Nice.  I was going to make a web interface for my project but.. was going to hand it over to Davee since he has that nice interface for the PS but I am on my own.  Will have to check it out when I get time to see how flexible it is.


His definitely looks more practical for the Bash Bunny than WabbitWeb is. Mind you, WabbitWeb is quite old now and is asking for a version 2.0. Still working on something for Pops though.

You're talking about your psh agent, aren't you? Would be nice if it had a web UI!

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Alright, I reworked almost the entire app... The UI is now built on Foundation, is mobile friendly and is much easier to maintain. 

I'll be finishing up some small features shortly, but I don't foresee any more major framework overhauls at this point. 

@Dave-ee Jones Feel free to submit a PR with whatever additional UI changes you want to see!

If anyone else wants to contribute, or test (especially on Windows) please jump right in!

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