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Kali is an operating system.  If you have never used Linux, you should not be looking at that distro of operating systems.  Learn Linux first.  Kali runs as root which means everything runs as admin.  If you go surfing in that OS or download things willy nilly (you can be easily owned).  Kali was built for advanced Linux users.  Seeing you are trying to download it for WIndows 10 (which you cannot unless you run it as a virtual machine) you probably never used Linux so I would say start with Ubuntu, Fedora or CentOS and figure out how to get around and do things in those before trying to use a pentest OS.

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Don't be a pirate if you don't know how to sail a stormy sea with people out to get you!  You can listen to this while you ponder that.  

Or start with Raspbian - and a Raspberry PI 3.  The beauty of this is that if you screw up, just re-image the SD card and start again.  You can then step up to Kali which is available on the Raspberry Pi and has the same Debian base.  Everything you learn on Raspbian will be a head start for Kali.  The Raspberry Pi is a good learning platform.

If you are asking this question, as stated, you are not ready to mess with it.  You will spend your time figuring out what you screwed up and recovering from mistakes.  All that said. Kali.org is where you can find downloads.  Penn testing or Hacking is not a straight line activity.  It involves detailed knowledge of operating systems, networks and general computer operations.   If you don't know that stuff forwards and backwards - you are not ready for Kali. In addition to screwing up the installation, you also can accidentally cause damage to your work place or school's infrastructure.   Pleading ignorance will likely not help ameliorate the consequences to yourself which could include civil law suits or even criminal prosecution.  Such an outcome will permanently end any IT career you ever might have had.   

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@amrita Check out http://kali.training/ to learn Kali,and you can download Virtual Machines of Kali at www.offensive-security.com or ISO images from Kali.org if you want to burn and run a live disc on your laptop or desktop. If you're in windows 10, you'd need to disable UEFI to boot Kali on those machines natively, or just use it in a VM when learning, which is my suggestion. I am not a believer that you need to learn Linux first, before getting acquainted with Kali. While Kali is specialized in it's tools and default user of root, you always add users with Sudo like you would on ANY other distro, and Kali is Debian based, and a rolling distro with updates just like any other Debian based distro. I run it on my laptop natively, on one of the family desktop machines as the main OS that my wife and kids use, and in a VM on my desktop. As with anything, best way to learn is by doing, don't be afraid to dive right in with Kali as your first distro. It's Linux like every other distro, at its core, and works just like every other distro.

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On 1/10/2018 at 1:00 PM, barry99705 said:

Yup. We just put that up yesterday.

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7 hours ago, Mr.many said:

I need help with gparted I keep getting this error ** (gparted bin : 1927) : CRITICAL **: murrine_style_draw_box: assertion 'height >= -1 ' failed



What desktop interface and theme are you using? Check the second one down -https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1329311

May be a bug with the theme, try a different theme or layout

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