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Hi I recently got one of these from ebay to go on my NANO Basic piece of kit. I noticed that they sell them on the Hak5 website as well.

So I took off the basics antenna and put on the alpha and ran the shell script to configure the pineapple got the site address logged in tried a recon scan and nothing

at all could not scan, is their something else I need to do to configure it the antenna came with no drivers or anything i thought i could just screw it on the Pineapple and I would be away.

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42 minutes ago, confuscious1080 said:

is there a way to increase this as well in Kali Linux

ive tried the whole iw reg thing with the command line but I have my suspicions that it is not actually doing anything

There are 2x limiting factors, software/driver limits and hardware limits. main thing to know is your not going to exceed hardware limits without additional hardware (amplifiers). Adjusting software limits may get you some extra tx power if your region is limiting your tx power to keep you in line with your regions laws.

Learn your regions limits, learn EIRP (Hak5 did some nice youtube vids for this. Keep it legal


19 minutes ago, confuscious1080 said:

When I connect to my Management AP of the Wifi Pineapple not the one configured for clients to connect to i only have a signal strength of 26 dbm compared to my actual BT router access point which is at 65 dbm this is also with one of the Alfa 7dbi antennas connected up to the Wifi Pineapple

Not sure if this a question or... But your router will almost definitely have an amplifier on board, the nano does not IIRC. you could also try using an app like https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.android.telnet  that plots signal strength over time and play with the ant direction to see if you can tweak it a little further.

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18 minutes ago, confuscious1080 said:

Checked my Free Wifi Access Point as well that my clients will connect to which I guess is the actual one that matters and the signal strength for that is only 18 dbmi I live in the UK could this be because of law restrictions have to be under 20 dbmi??

take a bit of time to learn a bit more about antenna systems it will prove useful.


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1 minute ago, confuscious1080 said:

Ah okay well I also followed the instructions and ran the tx power unlocker script but it has not worked or upgraded the txpower at all for any interface.

what interfaces?

if you ran that script on kali it will allow kali's interfaces to potentially increase tx power. - If the hardware allows. I doubt your laptop had a 2W+ wifi card installed by default.

You wont get more power out of the nano as its at max already. Your only option with the nano is to use an additional amplifier or higher gain antenna - if your local laws allow that.

Learn EIRP, find and learn the UK law for tx power, stay legal.

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