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Output Power- Can it be turned down


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Maybe just not seeing it. I know people get giddy about big output power, but there are times where less power is situationally better. I don’t see on the Tetra/Nano (nor did I see on Mark IV or V) a UI option for adjusting output power. Perhaps at CLI?



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I need to revisit this, and hoping for some education. My Linux-Fu isn’t strong, but at the same time I can usually get around. But trying to do command-line power adjusts is making me feel like a child. I see the command structure, but every variation on it I attempt results in “command failed, no such directory” which feels weird. Can I bother someone for explicit,verified steps to make this work? Also- I live in a world of dBm and milliwatts, so the mBm thing is funky and I find little of substance using Google on mBm. Anyone have a handle on that and the patience to explain how it translates to the more mainstream RF values?

This is Tetra 2.0.2, BTW.

Thank you.


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Thanks, will play around more but have never seen a WLAN device that wouldn’t adjust power on the fly. I know I mentioned it earlier, but power out adjust for each interface would be a huge win in the UI. In the enterprise WLAN world, it’s a pretty huge deal.

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