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  1. there it is... that wonderful forum superiority. Sigh.
  2. Just fired this up for the first time at the office, but was stymied on the first few attempts at using. Why? The first PC I wanted to tap had Display Port cabling between PC and monitor. Second one had DVI...doh! Finally I set up a laptop with HDMI optional video just to test the Crab. It works very well, and that is nice to see. And- I ordered some adapters on Amazon to get me going on the non-HDMI video connections that seem to be very common across computers in the workplace. So first idea: maybe a kit version of Screen Crab that has SD card, USB C cable for power, and at least a couple common display port-to-HDMI adaptations for better "out of the box ready to go" experience. Second idea- as I was clicking around different systems and accounts to give the Crab something to capture I was struck by the notion of "Man- if this could also log keystrokes too, it would be freakin deadly"... think about not just getting an image of a login page, but also the credentials...seems like if you could use the victim PC's USB port to power the crab, that may be a vector to log keystrokes(?) Easy for me to ask for, harder to do- I fully realize. But wouldn't that be sweet? -Lee B
  3. I know Hak5 is a "small company", that comes up often and I appreciate it. But as a long-time Pineapple user, I do wish that Hak5 would actually test the community modules that by now are defacto standard parts of the Pineapple experience and be very transparent about what breaks with each new release. To blame the functional gaps on the original module authors not keeping up may be arguably valid, but it does feel like a cop out sometimes. I'm not trying to pick a fight or raise the ire of the Hak5 fan club- but am suggesting that by now in the Pineapple evolution, the more common modules have come to be so deeply associated with the Pineapple they should be somehow either integrated as part of the code build and therefor made good before upgrade, or at least thoroughly tested by Hak5 with a big red warning shown next to the new release notes. Something like "WARNING- THESE MODULES ARE NOT YET WORKING/RELIABLE ON THIS NEW CODE VERSION: xxxx, yyyyy, zzzz" rather than have us all find out after the upgrade. One man's opinion, meant constructively, after finding that 2.6.1 renders the device extremely frustrating/darn near useless.
  4. I spoke too soon. I'm back in business on the Tetra, code 2.3.1 after running these at command line: mv /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss-old mv /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss-old/tinycss/ /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss rm -rf /pineapple/modules/PortalAuth/includes/scripts/libs/tinycss-old/ Worked like a champ actually. It's pretty freakin' scary how good this module works, which of course is part of the value of the Pineapple.
  5. Same same here on Tetra 2.3.1 -photo attached. After you start the clone process, progress is definitely made based on time it takes and progress feel, then it borks out and throws this. Workaround steps nogo. Thanks very much!
  6. I did the remove/re-install on the Nano, no difference. Seeing a new issue in Tetra- just keeps restarting after a client joins, or after you turn on some transmit function. Strong battery or plugged into wall- same. Only with the new 2.2.0 firmware. Will take this over to that forum.
  7. FWIW, Tetra does just fine on 2.2.0... seems like just Nano borking. At least for me.
  8. Hmm. This module usually dead nuts reliable for me, but now failing on new 2.2.2 code on Nano. It briefly starts up, says as much in the log, then shuts off. Anyone else seeing similar?
  9. Open Mesh Brings Major Disruption to SMB Space, Goes Full-Stack https://t.co/akCgKBchVj

  10. @WiFiTodd And it's hand-carved from driftwood with blockchain accents

  11. @RealJamesWoods No cover stories about her finely toned arms!

  12. @Ben_SniffWiFi @KeithRParsons oh sure. I agree there as well. But if the mantra is "anywhere,anytime regardless of… https://t.co/7jgZlj1hhl

  13. RT @GiantsNerd: To you, how important is it that vendors adhere to recommendations in the 802.11 annexes? If you see something that clearly…

  14. @curtisklarsen @adriangranados I was waiting for that comment from someone!

  15. #WIFIQ 3/21/18 by request- How do you feel about social media credentials being used for WiFi login? Are you being… https://t.co/zNwpIKbQxv

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