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Airmon on RPI 3


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I recently got a monitor mode packet injection capable usb dongle (the one from the hakshop) and I can't seem to get it to work with airmon on my raspberry pi. It can go into monitor mode, show all access points nearby, (and show unassociated clients at the bottom) but then when i use airodump on a specific ap (ex: airodump-ng -c 5  --bssid 00:45:34:AB:3F:9C wlan0mon) it shows the ap, no stations. But when I plug it into my laptop and use it from a Kali Live USB it works great, no issues. After reading online I think it may be related to the kernel differences between the desktop and RPI versions. Another common theme with my research was "do updates" and I have done all of them. update, upgrade, even dist-upgrade. Any suggestions?

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