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Is there a way to not loose Recon Data between logins/reboots?


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As the title says, I often have to reboot the nano due to power outage or swapping power supplies, this causes me to have to log in again via the web GUI, but this causes a loss of all the Recon data, which is a pain if its been going for >10min.

Does anyone know how to keep a persistent log of the recon data so that only a new recon would wipe it?



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Each scan creates a recon file in the /tmp/ directory. You could try to move them to /root/ or sd (for nano) and put them back after reboot. I haven't done/tested this but think it should work.

#to move to storage location

mv /tmp/recon* /root/
#to return to /tmp/ so shows up on recon page

mv /root/recon* /tmp/


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