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  1. Thanks Darren, When the minicom data was done I pressed enter and it asked me to login as with ssh. Managed to get into the tetra, but not sure where to go from here to reset or get web interface working again... - no leds on - when i connect Ethernet to PC i get no connection minicom output is as follows... Welcome to minicom 2.7.1 OPTIONS: I18n Compiled on Jul 5 2020, 23:23:36. Port /dev/ttyUSB0, 10:13:45 Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys eth0 up WASP ----> S27 PHY s27 reg init lan ATHRS27: resetting s27 ATHRS27: s27 reset done : cfg1 0x800c0000 cfg2 0x7214 eth1
  2. Hello fam, Plz in dire need of your assistance. Had been running my tetra fine on latest firmware for weeks as my main access point at home, suddenly went to do a mac change and it went offline with all 3 lights on. tried the reset button with no luck of seeing the pineapple come back up. Decided to do a firmware recovery as per Hak5 Docs Being on Manjaro XFCE, i used the ip command to try and set the static ip address ip link show revealed the name of the network interface 10: enp0s20f0u5 Following this guide i used sudo ip addr add 192.168.1.
  3. As the title says, I often have to reboot the nano due to power outage or swapping power supplies, this causes me to have to log in again via the web GUI, but this causes a loss of all the Recon data, which is a pain if its been going for >10min. Does anyone know how to keep a persistent log of the recon data so that only a new recon would wipe it? Cheers
  4. Still my SD card only mounts if inserted after the pineapple is booted up. How can I make this happen automatically so I can just leave a large sd card in there permanently??
  5. Is it possible to embed a malicious file within the landing page from a hyperlink to the local pineapple sd card? Also is it possible to much such a file auto-execute/open after clicking on it? If so could someone please post the name or the code required?
  6. @g1eagle can you please explain 1. How you got openvpn working on the nano? In Darren's video he does ssh into the pineapple then " wget http://swupdate.openvpn.org/as/openvpn-as-2.1.1-Ubuntu14.amd_64).deb" onto the pineapple. then uses 'dpkg' while ssh'd into the pineapple -- only problem is dpkg is not part of the installed applications on the pineapple, only 'opkg' is which doesn't install the deb file...so confused as to how he got that file installed. when I enter: dpkg -i openvpn-as-2.1.1-Ubuntu14.amd_64.deb I get: -ash: dpkg: not found ANY HELP WOULD BE A
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