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Bluetooth Pineapple


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The Bluetooth Pineapple – Man in The Middle attack (CVE-2017-0783)
Man-in-The-Middle (MiTM) attacks allow the attacker to intercept and intervene in all data going to or from the targeted device. To create a MiTM attack using Wi-Fi, the attacker requires both special equipment, and a connection request from the targeted device to an open WiFi network. In Bluetooth, the attacker can actively engage his target, using any device with Bluetooth capabilities. The vulnerability resides in the PAN profile of the Bluetooth stack, and enables the attacker to create a malicious network interface on the victim’s device, re-configure IP routing and force the device to transmit all communication through the malicious network interface. This attack does not require any user interaction, authentication or pairing, making it practically invisible.


Research Paper: http://go.armis.com/blueborne-technical-paper


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Someone had just posted this at work the other day. Haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Interesting. I don't use bluetooth for anything but my cars have it on by default, so not good.

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Draw your own conclusions but I think the name is just a name and more or less to give people the sense of the same type of attacks as the hak5 pineapple. Still, if it doesn't work the same way as a pineapple with respect to listening for probes and then brining in device connections, it may be more or less just marketing hype to get the word out.

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