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  1. Portapack MAYHEM is a firmware developed for ethical hackers but “Carnage” might be a better name for this firmware in action!!!! https://telescope.ac/petazzoni/mayhem-the-rf-pentesting-hackrf-portapack-firmware This powerful radio research and attack platform combines Police Scanner, IQ file replay, Microphone FM transmit with CTCSS, CTCSS decoder, Frequency manager (save & load from SD card, with categories and notes), "Soundboard" wave file player from files in SD card , ADS-B receiver with map view, ADS-B transmitter (aircraft spoof), SSTV transmitter, Fully configurable jammer, POCSAG transmitter, POCSAG receiver/decoder, Morse transmitter (FM tone and CW), OOK transmitter for common remote encoders (PT2262, doorbells, remote outlets, some garage doors, ...), RDS (Radio Data System) PSN, RadioText and Time groups transmitter, Meteorological ballon radiosonde receiver (M10, M2K2, ...) , AFSK receiver, AFSK transmitter (Bell202, ...) , Nuoptix DTMF sync transmitter, French LCR (Language de Commande Routier) message generator, Street lighting control transmitter (CCIR tones), Fully configurable RF signal generator, car TPMS decoder, car keyfoob spoofer (Subaru), Nordic NRF decoder, APRS decoder and transmitter, RSSI audio output as pitch (for direction finding), BurgerPager Spoofer, and more in just ONE device.
  2. Research Paper: http://go.armis.com/blueborne-technical-paper
  3. The GPD pocket seems like a perfect hack-top for concealing and undercover pen testing https://medium.com/@tomac/qpd-pocket-7-the-return-of-the-hacker-netbook-fe9be1b02ebf There's a fully automated ansible playbook there for setting up Kali (since it's Debian based.) https://github.com/cawilliamson/ansible-gpdpocket
  4. A while back I remember seeing a simple ESP8266 wifi jammer, it announces a huge number of APs with random names, making it hard for devices to connect to real networks: http://ruralhacker.blogspot.pt/2016/01/esp8266-jamming.html things have GREATLY IMPROVED , newly realeased jammer can to selective deauth from 5$ wifi module Deauthentication attack and other ‘wifi hacks’ using an ESP8266 module.
  5. I'm considering purchasing a small portable router to use as a pineapple NANO/MKV clone. I'm torn between purchasing a tp-link model or the GL.inet: - WR703 https://penturalabs.wordpress.com/2013/04/25/blue-for-the-pineapple/ - GL AR150 https://medium.com/@tomac/install-openwrt-or-pine-apple-on-low-cost-wifi-router-67cbd26a1a15#.wxmtlihed The latter obviously has way more impressive specs but the resources available for the tp-link models are much more extensive. I was only able to find a few resources about installing the pineapple f/w on the AR-150...
  6. I just read this article and it really seems interesting the possibility of experimenting with drones for little money. Anyone with similar experience here? https://medium.com/@swalters/how-to-set-up-a-drone-vulnerability-testing-lab-db8f7c762663#.n92df0ug7
  7. Besides the line of vision also usually affects the noise level in the 2400 mhz band, it is much more difficult in the city with thousands of other networks and devices, than in a rural setup.
  8. Here in Great Britain the Sepura SRM 1000 radios are very cheap, look on ebay.
  9. Favourite game: Overwatch Favourite OS: Windows 10 Favourite console: Playstation 3 Nationality: English Accent: Generic/Yorkshire Sex: Male Age: 23 Race: White British Height: 6" Status: Single Build: Normal Favourite band: Metallica Favourite book: Gravity's Rainbow Favourite author: Huxley Favourite movie: The Matrix Favourite director: too many Favourite TV Show: 24 Favourite actor: Bruce Willis Favourite actress: jennifer jason lee Favourite Pinup: dunno Favourite Comedian: dunno Other hobbies: Learning Car: Renault Clio Occupation: Student BSc Computing
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