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Wifi Pineapple confusing


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This is getting really ridiculous i dont even know what to do. idk how to navigate it idk how to work it. idk what to expect i really am hoping i didnt waste my 114 on this because idek how to use it im using android and am trying to use it but its just wa to weird. how do i get passwords. please give me assistance cause ive been trying to download it on pc but the file format isnt supported like wth

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First of all if you don't know what it does or how it works you should start with the youtube channel to figure out what this device is.  Second we need more info than " its just weird" does not help anybody be able to further assist you with this "weird device".  

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i have a wifi pineapple nano and using it for android. connection is good i wad testing if devices could connect with my pc. but how do i get passwords or things like that. ive tried getting site survery module and thats done nothing. im ver confused.

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