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  1. no im not believe it or not im using this for a magic trick to be able to come up to someone read their mind and guess their password. but i wanted to experiment woth my own to see if it would.work and it didnt
  2. When I boot uo SSLSPLIT and then i use another computer and try to go on facebook it says the "your connection is not private". I know this has to do with sslsplit but how do i run sslsplit and get passwords without that displaying on the targets screen?
  3. i have a wifi pineapple nano and using it for android. connection is good i wad testing if devices could connect with my pc. but how do i get passwords or things like that. ive tried getting site survery module and thats done nothing. im ver confused.
  4. This is getting really ridiculous i dont even know what to do. idk how to navigate it idk how to work it. idk what to expect i really am hoping i didnt waste my 114 on this because idek how to use it im using android and am trying to use it but its just wa to weird. how do i get passwords. please give me assistance cause ive been trying to download it on pc but the file format isnt supported like wth
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