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Hey, just wondering if there anyone out there who's working on any fun projects and hacks.

I visit the forums every now and again and frankly it seems like its turned into a support forum for hak5 products and toys.

Share what you're working on!

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Well, because I hang out at bars and night clubs a lot I started a project reversing a wireless jukebox remote. 

I learned how it transmited codes last month. Recorded all 256 difrent keys (the part in the transmission where it goes pass = 123). And last night I finished a script for the YSO that snifs out wireless keys and coralates them to their respected PIN for the remote. Works with all Gen2 and above TouchTunes Jukeboxs.



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A friend and I are working on a database that allows the results of a global scan of all radio traffic (which is piped into a live-stream and already exists so that part's been done for us) to be cross-referenced to whatever known variables you want in the database and however many dimensions you want to reference it in.

So if the NSA wanted to for instance customize the database they can scan the world's radio traffic and filter out all the noise (music, talk radio, whatever) and narrow it down to more interesting radio traffic (such as encrypted data transfers from nuclear ballistic submarines).

Yes, the scanner picks-up even that traffic, and is a data-collector from many sites around the world that are participating.

I'm willing to bet that the US Government hasn't hit upon this open and free to use aggregator of radio traffic across the whole world and institutionally recognized its potential.  So, it is likely they don't already have a tool to do this :)

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