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Nano Pineapple 403 error


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I recently updated the nano pineapple firmware to : Firmware 1.1.0 - Buffalo Bulldozer

I have been using EvilPortal for a while, but now the live preview on all my templates just gives me a 403 forbidden..

can someone help?


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Is there a chance you deleted all the files out of /www at some point.  I did and it caused it to be really hard to disable the evil portal because when it tries to do a request of port 80 expecting to get nothing in return it gets the nginx 403.  This is because nginx is configured to serve /www/index.php there.  index.php can be a blank file.  What fixed it for me was to ssh in and send this command:

touch /www/index.php


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Fixed it for me, I have no idea what could have been causing this back then.  However I'd be suspicious that whatever was causing it has something to do with the non-existence of whatever the webserver at the time (was it nginx?) was looking for.  So if you find yourself back in time with this problem, I'd go looking to make sure whatever the webserver thinks it should be serving exists where it is looking.

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This allows me to disable evil portal, however when I enable it... it doesn't seem to be working as it just serves that blank page now (maybe it wasn't so blank before).  I need to spend some more time reading the evil portal code to understand how it works to see if I can figure this out.

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