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  1. This allows me to disable evil portal, however when I enable it... it doesn't seem to be working as it just serves that blank page now (maybe it wasn't so blank before). I need to spend some more time reading the evil portal code to understand how it works to see if I can figure this out.
  2. Fixed it for me, I have no idea what could have been causing this back then. However I'd be suspicious that whatever was causing it has something to do with the non-existence of whatever the webserver at the time (was it nginx?) was looking for. So if you find yourself back in time with this problem, I'd go looking to make sure whatever the webserver thinks it should be serving exists where it is looking.
  3. lol... no... i didn't realize how old this was. I was just having a problem with similar symptoms and I discovered what I did to cause it. I came here and searched and found this post.
  4. Is there a chance you deleted all the files out of /www at some point. I did and it caused it to be really hard to disable the evil portal because when it tries to do a request of port 80 expecting to get nothing in return it gets the nginx 403. This is because nginx is configured to serve /www/index.php there. index.php can be a blank file. What fixed it for me was to ssh in and send this command: touch /www/index.php
  5. Where is the documentation of the command line interfaces? Thank you. tyler
  6. Hello, I'd like to run various mitm tools on my laptop while using the pineapple for karma to attract clients. Are there any specific considerations to doing this? For an example how would you host a spoffed website on the laptop with this connection scheme? Internet - (ethernet or wifi) -> laptop - (ethernet) -> pineapple running pineAP -> clients The major advantage of being able to do this is the laptop has much more processing power and would be better at even simple tasks like serving a website. thank you, tyler
  7. Thank you for the response. As far as the self signed cert, there are plenty of legitimate portals that use them (not comcast). For example the college I went to used them for the portal on their student wifi. I know it's almost pointless and causes annoyance to the user but it'd be nice to know how to implement it since there are situations where the user expects it. I was in the army and saw many cases where self signed certs were used on internal networks within the army.
  8. I'm trying to setup the xfinity pineapple deal using evil portal and on the splash page the link goes to $authtarget. How do I set this variable to point at the xfinity page on my pineappe (/www/x/index.html)? I got this working by setting the redirect option in the evil portal to Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the images to load on the splash page. Got the images working by downloading them and putting them in the images directory under /etc/nodogsplash/htdocs/images/ then changed the url of the links to have the root of $imagesdir that way I can even run this attack completely offline. Has anyone figured out how do check if the client is on a mobile device to serve the mobile version if they are? Is there an easy way to make the browser show the url as the one comcast uses instead of the one including the ip address? Lastly, how would I go about setting it up to serve over SSL so it appears to be secure?
  9. Inside the network tile there is a place where you can set a default route and update routes. If I'm receiving internet through Wlan1 in client mode and Wlan0 is running as an AP. What should the default route be to enable clients connected to my AP to receive internet?
  10. If I install it w/out the MySQL package and just the Apache2 package I get this error: The file I:\mowes_portable\mysql/bin/mysqld-nt.exe does not exist. MoWeS can not run correctly without this file. What do I do?
  11. I am on the part where you install the mowes... After I installed it and start it I get Apache is not running... MySQL is running... I selected the Apache2 packet... did it not install correctly?
  12. I just had a thought... if vista is making it harder to flash the cd partition would it be easier to do it in linux?
  13. Thank you... I should have known that.
  14. I can't seam to edit that file. How do I edit a read only file? --tyler
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