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Mr.robot hack


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Search the method of extraction you want from the show. If it was from using a USB Rubber Ducky, they covered it recently in an episode, but generally, there are a number of tools to do this, some of which will be blocked by the system's AV if installed, all of which can be bypassed depending on what and how you go about it though. Easiest way is booting off a live disc and using tools on it to grab the hash and crack them. The answers you asked are more than likely on the forums in multiple ways and threads describing how you can do this though. 

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From the way you've posted the thread I have no choice but to assume that you don't know a lot about hacking. My advice is to do your reading, look into tools such as the USB rubber ducky. Read about social engineering. But be prepared that its not something you can learn in an hour, or indeed achieve without some prior knowledge. 

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