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  1. I tried booting with a monitor and keyboard attached however nothing appeared on the screen, due to the lack of ethernet port I was unable to connect to my LAN (I have not got a USB WLAN dongle). It appeared that it didn't boot into a typical OS. I will keep trying.
  2. Hi all, Have been experimenting with Duckberry Pi on my new Pi Zero & I'm having a few issues. I was wondering if anyone could advise. Essentially, the scripts are running using a US keyboard layout - even though the correct symbols etc are in the script. I'm a UK user, so @ is appearing as " and \ is appearing as # for example. Is there anywhere I can define the keyboard layout? As the Duckberry Pi uses raw duckyscript without being encoded, I cannot use the encoder.jar to run the script due to the method of encoding. Appreciate any guidance!
  3. Agree with Sebkinne, although being able to scrape someone's web history & cached passwords for the respective websites would be interesting to try. Or is this attainable with Mimikatz?
  4. Just for a bit of fun, what sort of stuff do you usually employ in your own personal hacking arsenal? Mine's pretty sparse at the minute. I have a dual boot Kali/Windows 7 machine (GTX850M for oclhashcat), TP-Link W722n & a TP-Link MR3020 acting as a Pineapple.
  5. From the way you've posted the thread I have no choice but to assume that you don't know a lot about hacking. My advice is to do your reading, look into tools such as the USB rubber ducky. Read about social engineering. But be prepared that its not something you can learn in an hour, or indeed achieve without some prior knowledge.
  6. Brilliant, thanks for the advice. I'll get ordering & check it out.
  7. Ah, I assumed this would be the case but thought I'd ask anyway. Thanks for the help.
  8. Hi all, I'm aware this has been asked in the past, however I'm new to the Hak5 world. I was wondering if anyone had any good links to where I would be able to download all the previous episodes of Hak5? I'm aware that they can be streamed easily, however I wish to watch some of the episodes offline whilst travelling etc.
  9. Might be a stupid question, but can you run Duckberry Pi on a Pi0 & just use an OTG cable rather than soldering a port on?
  10. Funnily enough, myself and a colleague were just talking about something like this. However what we posed was that; Suppose you spoof an AP & de-authenticate clients, relying on them to re-authenticate and connect to your MITM device. A Pineapple perhaps or Kali-powered machine. Would it not be a possibility to create a phishing type page to redirect them to, Google for example, which also deploys a self-executing script (a la rubber ducky) to pull out these cached passwords & upload them to your device or external web server - before removing the script. Of course there will be the reliance on the gullibility of PC users to accept any UAC prompts etc which may arise. I'm a relative newbie, but long-term aim is to become very educated in this field (having a great interest in this) so please forgive any general ignorance I might have to any security or technical limitations.
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