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prescient shell | Port forwarding


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Good day guys, 

I received my lan turtle a few weeks ago. 

It's been working great. I've had it setup to digitalocean box with Autossh


Today I wanted to switch it over to my home office and have it autossh to a VM 

I'm probably missing something very basic. 

I've looked over the video Darren as done at for prescient shell and autossh


Ok setup working backward.


Kali Light (VM) - XenServer - Untangle router/firewall - Modem - Outside

I have Untangle port forwarding to XXXX to Kali light to port 22

I'm able to make a SSH connection using XXXX from the outside fine.

I've set up keys fine. 

But when logged into Kali Light and I try to loop back to the turtle by doing a ssh root@localhost -p 2222 I get an error
Connect to host localhost port 2222: connection refused. 


Am I missing something very basic? it's usually the case lol...




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