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  1. Please bare with me this is a very nube question. In bash bunny. Lets say in payload - Switch1 - payload.txt What would be the syntax to run another payload.txt say from " payloads/library/test/payload.txt " So payload/switch1/payload.txt would execute and run payloads/library/test/payload.txt " Thanks in advance, I know it's a very basic question..
  2. I'm new to the bash bunny but have had the rubber ducky since the beginning. Very basic question, Which I guess I can test when I have some time. Since we now have a Payload folder outside of the switch payload. Can we inside the switch payload txt just point to another payload text thats in the Payload folder. Again I know this is probably a very basic question, However I didn't see any documentation anywhere. I would be nice to reference one or multiple other payloads from one script
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    Tried again and seems to boot just fine this time.. not sure what it was.
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    Good day guys, New user to bash bunny, However old user had one of first batches of rubber ducky. With that said got my bunny in the mail yesterday, got a chance to plug it in today. Mounted fine on my OSX After unmounting and putting it away for a bit, I plugged it back in to the same machine again. And it seems it is not mounting and goes to a solid RED led. I've read this is recover mode I left it for an hour and nothing happens. It is in arming mode, Selecting closest to USB side. Lights up green blinks a few times then goes solid red. Any thoughts on how to fix this. Never even got a chance to set anything up or get anything going. I plugged it into a windows 10 machine at work and did the same thing. thanks
  5. Good day guys, I received my lan turtle a few weeks ago. It's been working great. I've had it setup to digitalocean box with Autossh Today I wanted to switch it over to my home office and have it autossh to a VM I'm probably missing something very basic. I've looked over the video Darren as done at for prescient shell and autossh Ok setup working backward. Kali Light (VM) - XenServer - Untangle router/firewall - Modem - Outside I have Untangle port forwarding to XXXX to Kali light to port 22 I'm able to make a SSH connection using XXXX from the outside fine. I've set up keys fine. But when logged into Kali Light and I try to loop back to the turtle by doing a ssh root@localhost -p 2222 I get an error Connect to host localhost port 2222: connection refused. Am I missing something very basic? it's usually the case lol... Thanks
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