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  1. Please bare with me this is a very nube question. In bash bunny. Lets say in payload - Switch1 - payload.txt What would be the syntax to run another payload.txt say from " payloads/library/test/payload.txt " So payload/switch1/payload.txt would execute and run payloads/library/test/payload.txt " Thanks in advance, I know it's a very basic question..
  2. I'm new to the bash bunny but have had the rubber ducky since the beginning. Very basic question, Which I guess I can test when I have some time. Since we now have a Payload folder outside of the switch payload. Can we inside the switch payload txt just point to another payload text thats in the Payload folder. Again I know this is probably a very basic question, However I didn't see any documentation anywhere. I would be nice to reference one or multiple other payloads from one script
  3. thomas@

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    Tried again and seems to boot just fine this time.. not sure what it was.
  4. thomas@

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    Good day guys, New user to bash bunny, However old user had one of first batches of rubber ducky. With that said got my bunny in the mail yesterday, got a chance to plug it in today. Mounted fine on my OSX After unmounting and putting it away for a bit, I plugged it back in to the same machine again. And it seems it is not mounting and goes to a solid RED led. I've read this is recover mode I left it for an hour and nothing happens. It is in arming mode, Selecting closest to USB side. Lights up green blinks a few times then goes solid red. Any thought
  5. Good day guys, I received my lan turtle a few weeks ago. It's been working great. I've had it setup to digitalocean box with Autossh Today I wanted to switch it over to my home office and have it autossh to a VM I'm probably missing something very basic. I've looked over the video Darren as done at for prescient shell and autossh Ok setup working backward. Kali Light (VM) - XenServer - Untangle router/firewall - Modem - Outside I have Untangle port forwarding to XXXX to Kali light to port 22 I'm able to make a SSH connection
  6. I have a few Mac box's, 1 windows machine and a shit load of VM's I can lend a hand if you need it.
  7. Answered my own question.. It seems the SD to microSD adapter I received with the ducky is not working. Tired it on Win7,Mac,Ubuntu does not show up as a device at all. after trying another one I had laying around works fine. Oo yha and it comes formatted as FAT (figures)
  8. Received mine in the mail yesterday as well.. Excited to get going... As I have not used the last rubber ducky. I am seeing I will have a few basic questions. Like what Format does the microsd have to be? or is this determined on the OS you using it on. No idea on how the hardware works..
  9. Niels, Yes I watched it he was refering to the need to install Windows under a KVM container and pointed out the use of visia network drivers
  10. Good day, I was wondering if someone could lend a hand. I am a new user to ProxMox, I have been runing a Ubuntu:Virtualboxhpvirtalbox for over a year and have loved it. People have recently been coming to me telling me about proxmox as well as seeing it on hak5. I decided to make the switch last week. I wiped my machine and did a fresh install from CD Hardware is: MSI board with i5 2.8's and 8gb's a memory Right off the bat i had an issue with the install using v1.7 but found some information on your site about using the v1.4 and upgrading this went off with out a hitch. First thing i n
  11. Sparda Thank you for your help i figured it out it did have to do with absolute paths. here is the final work out crontab -e ======== 55 23 * * * sh /home/thomas/cronscripts/monitorcontrol.sh off > /home/thomas/cronscripts/log 2>&1 # JOB_ID_5 55 08 * * * sh /home/thomas/cronscripts/monitorcontrol.sh on > /home/thomas/cronscripts/log 2>&1 # JOB_ID_7 Config ======== #!/bin/bash export DISPLAY=:0.0 if [ $# -eq 0 ]; then echo usage: $(basename $0) "on|off|status" exit 1 fi if [ $1 = "off" ]; then echo -en "Turning Screensaver off..." /
  12. tired adding a cron to sudo crontab -e same results this is the line i was trying 31 14 * * * /home/thomas/cronscripts/./monitorcontrol.sh off
  13. Still no luck current line is 58 1 * * * /usr/sbin/vbetool dpms off > /home/thomas/logfile 2> /dev/null # JOB_ID_1 Now just as another test i added this as a one time tast and worked fine just like the others. Question is why does one time only task work with same commands and recurrent task does not. it totaly has me stumped i have been back and forth and secound guessing everything...
  14. Sparda thanks, Here is what i currently have in there at the moment none of them are working. Will only be two in there when its done i have just been testing with diffrent variations 05 11 * * * vbetool dpms off > /home/thomas/logfile # JOB_ID_1 35 9 * * * vbetool dpms on # JOB_ID_2 58 23 * * * xset s off # JOB_ID_3 50 8 * * * xset s on # JOB_ID_4 07 11 * * * /home/thomas/cronscripts/monitorcontrol.sh off # JOB_ID_5 What i would like to do is have cron call twice one in at night with the option off and one in the morning with the option are to the script at /home/thomas/cr
  15. Good day guys. I was woundering if anyone else has had this issue. Got me stumped at the moment. I am runing Ubuntu 10.4 trying to setup a recuring cron job. (will run script to start and monitor) Any how i decided to go gui and install the gnome-scheduler (went fine) I then tried to keep things simple and make one recuring task via gui. Problem: ======= Recuring tasks are not runing (keeping it simple even the simplest of comands do not run) However one time tasks run fine I have adding new tast with contab -e (same results) there are no allow/deny files in /etc/
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