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Upload or merge SSID Pool


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Can you import ssid_file files like those created when you select PineAP => SSID Pool => Download SSID Pool?

Is it actually a binary? The browser claimed it was .bin, but I can egrep and tail it like a text file and it saved with no extension.  I have had to rebuild a couple times and a would love to merge by disparate files into a master list.

I have a Pineapple Nano running firmware 1.1.1.  

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either get the cabinet module or ssh in and use vi or nano but the text file is under /etc/pineapple/ssid_file

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oh man, why did I not think to ssh in and vi the file... that is by far a better idea than trying to overwrite in the web client.  

You shame me with the simple solution I should have come up with on my own.  Thank you... I need to think more before I post  :)

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its also pretty easy to edit the file in the webui with the cabinet module or download the ssid file and merge two or three to one txt file and sftp to the nano.

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Totally worked, thanks. 

If anybody cares, I put both copies in the same local directory, renamed ssid_file_one and ssid_file_two

touch NEW_ssid_file
cat ssid_file_one >> NEW_ssid_file
cat ssid_file_two >> NEW_ssid_file
sort NEW_ssid_file | uniq >> ssid_file
scp ssid_file root@

good to go!

Now seeing 144 SSIDs in pool

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