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What is the best way to adjust due to jet lag?


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This isn't exactly because i'm travelling alot or anything like that, but basically because of long nights on IRC. I think that the phenomenon is more or less the same as jet lag though.

What is the best way to adjust your internal clock so that it matches the one that you're supposed to be going by.

Do you guys find it's best to stay up a little later every night or to skip an entire period of sleep? or do you guys have some other methods

EDIT: can one of the mods move this into questions, i just realised it probably belongs in there

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My way for these relatively small lapses is to just force my body in the new timezones.

Say I want forward 3 hours, that would mean I would keep going the first night until it would be reasonable bedtime for the new timezone, and from that point on strictly follow your pattern for the new timezone.

You'll want to get out of bed later than normal - Don't.

You'll want to stay up longer than normal - Don't.

Or if I went back 3 hours. I'd hit the sack rather early. I'll probably have a hard time falling asleep. Tough! Get up at the regular time the next day, and wing it.

Either way will make you not particularly happy for one day, and after that things generally improve rather quickly.

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Depending on how off I am, I will wait until the begining of the following sleep cycle I want to be in comes up, and even if i don't make it to the correct bed time, I don't mind getting up a few hours early.

I figure, you can't always control when you sleep, but you CAN control your awake time.

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