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Ok, so i just bought the field kit and have been having a blast, the one thing i cant figure out for the life of me (and ive been googleing this like a Mother F***er) is what the flash-drive like think is that comes with the ducky. 


This is a picture of the thing I'm talking about, if some one could tell me that its for that would me awesome (just started playing with this preticular toy)

thanks in advance


what is this.jpeg

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Not funny at all. - 00-0 inherently he does NOT trust what he has in front of him and does NOT want to put something into a personal machine that he is unsure of. Especially being from a Pentesting/ HAK shop. - --0-0-0---- old post/ 'bump' - we were all there at one point in our lives. As a community, we should all stick together and help one another. Keep the younger crowd engaged and promote better work ethics. 

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