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  1. I like having remote servers. Still hosting on your side if the price for service is reasonable and you could make a profit from it, I say go all in. In the area I was in I was getting 500/500 and paying in the $150 (*story for a different time) range. I hosted and streamed all over. Paid for the internet bill and the rest of the utilities I had - electric/water/sewer/trash/oil~gas/ etc.
  2. Not funny at all. - 00-0 inherently he does NOT trust what he has in front of him and does NOT want to put something into a personal machine that he is unsure of. Especially being from a Pentesting/ HAK shop. - --0-0-0---- old post/ 'bump' - we were all there at one point in our lives. As a community, we should all stick together and help one another. Keep the younger crowd engaged and promote better work ethics.
  3. "Where there's a will, there's a way" - I believe thats the saying. wanted more info though. Has anyone else thought of this? Surely, I can't be the only one. Daren?
  4. So the pineapple has an APP in the android market. Anyone thought of making an app for the Ducky? Would be nice to be able to flash and adjust payloads on the go with an android device. Select the payloads through the app, dl them to our android device and flash them to the duck at will. Could also have a live editor to compile our own payloads. 1. could android flash the duck? / drivers out there for it? 2. anyone want to write the app? -thought process here is that we are mobile most of the time. half or our gear is ready to go. Using our mobile device vs a computer would make more sense to me to be less visible when it comes down to blending in on a pen test. Don't have to stop there, could be all the Hak5 tools wrapped into one app that have an interface. Lan turtle, etc. --- anyone? --- thoughts?
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