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  1. So I've had the Wi-Fi pineapple for a little while now, and I've been having a problem consistently that within five minutes the pineapple crashes and reboots. I thought it might have been due to specific activity, but just turning the pineapple on and letting it sit it still crashes within about five minutes. I've tried doing a factory reset multiple times, and after doing a little bit of research I thought it might be a power supply problem, but after trying the battery and the wall charger to no avail it would seem as though that's not the problem. I'm starting to think I may have got a lemon, and this is a hardware problem. Anyone had the same problems? If so have you found a way to fix this?
  2. Hi everyone! I'm new to the pineapple, about one week new; and I've been having a lot of fun so far. Ive been going mad this evening however. I've be learning to use PineAP and once I start it up the Pineapple crashes within about 15 minutes max. I did some googleing and I haven't found anyone else with this issue. Additionally I've tried resetting to factory settings, but the issue persists. Really hoping someone can offer some advise.
  3. Ok, so i just bought the field kit and have been having a blast, the one thing i cant figure out for the life of me (and ive been googleing this like a Mother F***er) is what the flash-drive like think is that comes with the ducky. This is a picture of the thing I'm talking about, if some one could tell me that its for that would me awesome (just started playing with this preticular toy) thanks in advance -N1ght
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