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Like Pokemon GO? You should definately try Ingress.


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Tried Ingress long ago and im too lazy to walk around like it required...Pokemon Go came out and I installed it opening day, again too lazy to walk around.  I have gone out twice and done some good walking with it...I am now level 6 half way to level 7...its better I thing than Ingress but who am I to judge hehehe

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On 7/15/2016 at 6:30 AM, haze1434 said:

If you're enjoying Pokémon GO, don't forget about Ingress.

It's a very similar game, but it's about hacking. And it's awesome.

Kind of like playing Watch Dogs in RL :cool:

OMG i love watch dogs...had it on xbox one and then later on sold my xbox one and everything else even watch dogs.  I finally got watch dogs on steam last week and I am not just starting ACT V...omg im addicted....AGAIN :)

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On 7/23/2016 at 1:51 PM, kroot said:

I'd try Ingress but couldn't really grasp on how to play it. I guess all I can do is wait for the release of PKMN GO in my country

It's still not available where you are?  That sucks!  I hope it's released soon cus it's an awesome game.  I've been exploring so many different areas around me and meeting new people all while catching Pokemon.  It's a great time.

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Yea same here, bigger cities with riverfront areas are awesome. Haven't had much luck with my local parks.

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Man, I haven't played Ingress in forever. Used to run around with a number of people hitting portals and just hanging out, it was fun. It's all about the frogs :-P

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It has a pretty good review online, I think Pokemon Go has somehow copied the concept. I used to play Pokemon Go whenever I need to bring my Huskies for a walk, but then again it is hard to catch a Pokemon when you have dog collars in your hand. 

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