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  1. I like playing Ingress, both are good games. I like the blue themed graphics of ingress.
  2. I believe this move will also increase the sales of VPN companies as users were forced to use VPN over their mobile devices to get rid of security risks of public hotspots.
  3. As per the latest reports, Google is going to implement high-speed wifi hotspots over the NY streets. As per a blog from Acanac https://www.acanac.com/blog/general-category/sidewalk-labs-whats-old-is-new-again/ the speed ranges to 436.36Mbps down and 360.55Mbps up. The new Google-backed startup Sidewalk Labs is going to run this project at an estimate of $200 million. Google CEO Larry Page also commented on this project. Hope this project can give the new face for the NY in this technology era.
  4. "BYODs in your environment" what is meant by this BYOD environment mentioned there?
  5. As per the article about DHCP fingerprinting This "This technology watches the DHCP requests of wireless clients and identifies the operating system based on the way each device asks for an address "
  6. http://nci.ca/dhcp-fingerprinting-with-arubaos/ I found this DHCP fingerprinting but never heard about this before. Please help me on this matter. I had done it previously using Yersinia in Kali
  7. Hi, White and Grey Hat friends Please suggest me best SQL injection tool which can be used from windows platform. I also have another concern about network security.I am currently using Kali Linux to do a security check on the wireless network. Last week I came to know that leading professionals are now using some custom hardware to do the same for network penetration. Please help me I am just a newbie on this field. Thanks in advance.
  8. Howdy, everyone I am new to this site Favourite game: Tetris Favourite OS: debain, Macintosh Nationality: CA/ American (Dual citizenship) Accent: English Sex: Male Favourite book: Davinichi code Favourite author: Arthur conen doyal Car: Base Coupe 2000 Chevrolet Camaro Occupation: Software engineer
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