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gPod Micro 2GB


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The idea was to build a 2GB MP3 player that had style and sleekness of an iPod but could work on pretty much any system i threw at it. Here is what i came up with.


GBA Micro, Super Card, 2GB SD Card, and a SD Card Reader. Came in around 50 bucks less that a iPod Nano 2GB and mine can play games and even Video if i want to be nuts.

I'll have this ready in December with some video of it in action. To me this is the perfect use for a not so great handheld system to get some use. I am going to try it out with the Game Boy MP3 player as well once i get my hands on one from import.

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Pretty Nice Shinma! Does the GB Micro have a standard audio output? I have a GB SP and they still had those funky Nintendo headset jacks. Let me know when you have the video going of it in action, I would love to try this out!

You can see the normal headphone jack here on the right side. There are some third party adapters out there for the Nintendo one though if you dig around.


I got a tad delayed by an oops on my part. I forgot i had one added to my christmas list so now i have to wait for Christmas before i move forward. I don't really want 2 GBA Micros lol. I am however going to gather up the rest of the supplies so i might have some little video about that before hand.

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What would this package look like with everything connected?

The write-up didn't make it particularly clear what that Super Card SD is or does. Since it's effectively the heart of your project it might be worth while to expand on that a bit.

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