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Spam: Whats your solution?


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Also people need to stop saying "zomg use linux instead!!" because if people can't keep a Windows system clean then it's unlikely that they'll manage to successfully use Linux. Everybody says that Linux doesn't get malware but if you have the faintest clue then you'll know that's not the case. If people all switched to Linux believing it'll keep them safe with no effort then they just continue to remain ignorant to malware and viruses.

huh, who, what, where when, Linux malware? I thought Linux didn't get viruses(or at least none that weren't patched with updates) If Linux isn't as secure as I though it was...then can you please tell me how to secure my Linux :shock:

Dont run as root. Backup your main users daily. If in the event you do get a virus then it is fairly straightforward to delete and recreate the user account that was infected.

Sweet, I don't run as root and anything importaint is saved to USB drive, Im all good then, Thanks :)

Mind you thats just basic common sense and safety. I would still suggest running a software firewall that logs dropped packets, and running an antivirus program such as ClamAV

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I have one of our in-house servers running SpamPal. That gives more control over the email. There are also plugin modules available to beef it up some more. I will probably have to write some custom plugins to make it work just right.

eWeek has a very good article about the botnet where they have some "inside" information on how it works.

In the article it also explains why you can not just block the ip or the hash of the email attachments.

I have thought about the sending back of the email to verify "are you human". However, we alone send out so much email and rarely have the time to sit there and verify we are human much less ask our clients to do the same thing.

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I don't like the idea of having my email go through a central authority.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but I simply prefer taking care of the problem myself.

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