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Gr33tingz E@rthl!ngz!

am disgraced... I was so stocked on becoming a daily poster on here but due to some issues (like work... blah) ive neglected my newly found family... i know you missed me ... *criquets* anywhoo!!

So! Im inquiring on different methodologies a haxorz can use use once gained access to a persons netwrok and this into their router configurations. I beleive myself to be very proficient in the arts of googlefoo, but I must be searching the wrong terms because well... have no idea what I should be looking for .... heres my modest set up. Ive set up a VPC connected to a router i no longer use (linksus WRT31Nv1). My current goal and quandry is how could I set up forwarding option s on my AP so I can pentets hacks....

1) what would be the advantages of accesing a APs router config?

2) how can one use this to ones hack-advatange?

I dont need to be spoon fed, i strive for seeking knowledge on my own but and point to the right direction would be awesome!


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Most of the time you're not going to be changing firewall/edge router configs. Those get looked at way more often that say a desktop or mfp. Look for ways to connect a machine on the inside to the outside. SSH may be blocked, it may not. Http and https will almost never be blocked, so you can run your connections over those ports.

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Funny you say that, Barry. When I ask 'normal' people when they last inspected their router config I be lucky to get a blank stare. They got a box from their ISP and while the lights burn it should be good. Some know which lights should burn (or rather which light combo is known to indicate 'doesn't work'), but that's pretty much it.

When you consider a corporate customer, things are probably more as you say, but my personal network doesn't extend much into that domain.

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Well that really depends. With most home routers you don't get many options to play with.

For example, my router came with a basic netgear setup. I could change my WiFi settings, and add mac filtering. But that was pretty much it.

So I flashed DDWRT on it. Now if you wanted you could start a SSH server on the router itself.

However, they would have to have it already installed. Flashing ddwrt on a router is definitely one of the more obvious things even a non computer user would likely be able to notice. And if they have it on therequest in the first place, you can expect them to at least know a thing or two about what they are doing.

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