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  1. SOOOO.. been a long time coming and finally my big break is here, tim for a complete revamp of my device and resources... I have had a bunch of hackshop stuff on my wishlist (actual list) and now that im ready to start adding up the cash im going to blow, noticed the hak5 field kit is no more?? sureeee, I can purchase the items individually but I really... really really really wanted that case lmao, side from the fact that im buying atleast one of everything (literally lol) .. anyone got the scoop? Im hoping its just out-of-stock for now......
  2. Gr33tingz E@rthl!ngz! am disgraced... I was so stocked on becoming a daily poster on here but due to some issues (like work... blah) ive neglected my newly found family... i know you missed me ... *criquets* anywhoo!! So! Im inquiring on different methodologies a haxorz can use use once gained access to a persons netwrok and this into their router configurations. I beleive myself to be very proficient in the arts of googlefoo, but I must be searching the wrong terms because well... have no idea what I should be looking for .... heres my modest set up. Ive set up a VPC connected to a
  3. QUICK UPDATE! So I was able to get all three installed no problem! yay for me... what Im noticing though is that compared to when I run Kali on USB live, the installed boot is ... laggy? Yes, I installed all /"w.e" under one. Im guessing I need to add a swp partition? QUESTION?! Should't Running Kali live be as smooth as when Installed? food for though... @cooper: For sure man, like mentioned, Im new to the world of linux but I find ubuntu a bit blah (no flame plez, just imo)... guess Ill have to keep playing with it to really have a solid opinion but trying it out first wouldn't have bee
  4. Gr33tingz 3@rthl!ngz ! So, I got a hamidown laptop, nothing special... but I wanted to have a multiboot system. I was going down the list of what I want to start with and fair warning, sadly (Or noobishly?) I been a windows user like.... well until six monts ago, Though in a very nerd like fashion, computers being my life, I have digged in and learned my way around a terminal like a champ but I have a way to got ... SO! This PC has.... sigh... 2gbs of ram (will have for in three day... still pretty emberassing lol). 250GB og memory. Im here to ask all you technolist... lust? If I wher
  5. Hello there! If you could elborate a little more with some d33tz such as... a) Platform Your Running it on? b) Architecture its running on? c) Method of installment? d) Your social security number... ... Okay maybe wont be neccesary... or advisable lol. YEAH.... IM ASSUMING you are running on some sort of ARM arch because ... actually I take that back (wont even edit myself, Im cool like that.... lol no, not really) I had a recent experience running Kali Live on a mach... and there was no wireles device detected... like at all... Please Run the following commant on terminal and give
  6. Hello script-kiddies and L337 haxors alike, Just wnated to make my first qick post introducing my self. things about that will endou being in my BIO anyways but If been very much in the world of haxors since the birth of the 56k modem, I must have been 8?... (Dont fee like doig the math...). From the first edition of "Steal This Book" and many others but said book was like a holy bibble for me. Since then (due to the lack friends that were... not to sound condesending, but on my level). While kids where trading pokemon cards I was above amature coder in pytthon, C+ and C++, Basic, HTML 5
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