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bad hard drive attempt to recover data.


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I have a labtop with two 500gig hard drives... my labtop took a hard hit when the linux OS was running. /dev/sdb1 =>100 gig linux mint /dev/sdb5 =>200 gig home folder

After this hard impact. I started up a live usb, and ran a fsck -y /dev/sdb5 and sdb1 also updated grub.

I then booted the linux os successfully! Leaving the machine On all night was a mistake! I would imagine the system sitting at idle was making hard drive writes. The system become unresponsive. My opportunity to perform data recovery may have been lost.

At this point I have 3 working live usb sticks. Gparted live, kali linux and linux mint... mint and kali wont boot completely, they are stuck in a loop of what looks like 'hard drive sense key media error with hex of bad sector found'(I have a screenshot)

I see the same errors with gparted live but it will completely boot.


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What do you expect to find in there that you can fix? I'd be amazed if you can even see anything amiss in there. In my opinion once you open up a harddisk the best you can hope for is a lifetime measured in hours. I wouldn't do that with a disk whose data I still hope to recover.

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I can agree with you... every command I throw it this drive is a fail.

I don't see the partition table anymore, I tried testdrive recovery tool and its a fail to read /dev/sdb

I know the partition sdb5 is my home folder. Any advice?

Restore from backup?

I know this is a little late but my first step would have been to plug the disk in as an external drive to a working computer and copied off the files I required. When disks start throwing errors like that it is a matter time before they die completely so should plan out what you want to do before powering them back up. If the partition tables were still good I would target the files I wanted as the drive might just die during an image as the I/O of an image is quite high and could kill it even faster without getting the required files.

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